Festival style at Brighton Pride

Festival style at Brighton Pride

Pride fashion: Rainbows were the official uniform. (Christian Cassiel)

Preston Park saw around 80,000 people attend to celebrate the 30th Anniversary Brighton Pride. It was held over the weekend 6 and 7 August.

Pride is a protest, but it’s also an excuse for the LGBTQ+ community – and its allies – to wear their most fabulous outfits and show up in style.

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Brian Sweeney made his own outfit for Brighton Pride. (Christian Cassiel)

Brian Sweeney designed his own outfit for Brighton Pride. (Christian Cassiel)

Brian Sweeney’s DIY efforts did not go unnoticed on Saturday night.

The 21-year old from Dublin, Ireland paired his Versace shades and his custom pieces with Versace sunglasses.

He proudly wore a fishnet tank from ASOS that he had spent five hours meticulously shining and a pair Primark black jean shorts that he distressed, bleached, and painted himself.

Sweeney stated that his style is always changing. “I’m a chameleon,”He said. “I’ll be wearing something completely different tomorrow.”

Brighton Pride was filled with allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community. (Christian Cassiel)

Brighton Pride was crowded with allies, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and others. (Christian Cassiel)

La-Toyah Beckford (36), came to Pride to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“This is my second year at Pride. I’m here as an ally for my bestie and her wife,”She spoke out, wearing a lime-green top from Oh Polly, a zebra skirt by Pretty Little Thing, and accessorized with a rainbow flower garland.

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“I would describe my style as individual. I just like what I like and think my clothes and accessories are very much part of my personality,”Beckford explained.

Local resident Hannah Dooley turned heads in top-to-toe red and Lolita-style shades. (Christian Cassiel)

Hannah Dooley, a local resident, turned heads in red top-to-toe Lolita-style shades. (Christian Cassiel)

Hannah Dooley and her salon in Brighton showed their support for the LGBTQ+ community. They wore different blocks colours of the rainbow.

Dooley wore a bright red bodice, flowing chiffon maxi skirt with lace tights, and matching fiery red hair.

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Dooley didn’t hesitate to add accessories to her look, adding a rainbow flower crown as well as large, heart-shaped sunnies.

And although Dooley’s outfit and accessories were perfectly matched, she assured us that her style isn’t always as put together.

“My style is changeable,”She laughed. “Tomorrow I’ll be in a t-shirt and sweatpants picking litter on the beach, but today I’m in a corset.”

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