Fast Fashion is Out of Fashion

Fast Fashion is Out of Fashion

Beginning September 9ThTo October 3rdThe semi-annual major Fashion Shows in New York, London Milan, Milan, Paris and Paris will take place in due succession. On high display, top designer brands will dazzle the world with the newest styles for next year’s Spring and Summer wardrobes. The wheels of the future $2.4 trillion industryThe world will change once again. But as quickly as dreams are spun on the runways of the world’s fashion capitols, an alternate reality that is as dark as the fashion shows are bright and glittering will continue to feed off the glamor and the hype.

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As next year’s luxury designs glide up and down the catwalks, behind the curtain lies an enormous contradiction. Most people don’t know what it means.

In a 2020 survey in the U.K., over half of Gen Zs — the most environmentally concerned demographic — reported buying “most of their clothes”From fast fashion brands. Their shopping habits are influenced primarily by Instagram and TikTok. Price and convenience are their main priorities. They are closely monitored by fast fashion companies, who surf the internet through a variety a “search engine optimization” for indicators of up-to-the-second trends (many inspired by the runways) and then as quickly as possible churn out new styles — in the case of fast fashion brand Shein, thousands every day – and with meteoric speed, deliver them to their “zoomer” customers’ doorsteps.

Fashion is associated with beauty, creativity and self-expression. The average shopper doesn’t realize that every purchase contributes to 4% of all greenhouse gas emissionsOr that most of their purchases will end up in an incinerator, or a landfill where they will smolder and pollute the air. Or, that of the 100 million garments produced each year. only 1% will actually be recycled

Most shoppers don’t know that their clothes are made with wool highly toxic dyes and heavy metalsThey are flushed into rivers, streams, and aquifers, where they can cause illness, harm ecosystems, and even kill people. biodiversity loss. Or that of non-organic cotton farming heavily depletesand soil quality, and uses more pesticides that any other crop.

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The average person is not knowledgeable about the industry. 150 million treesFor cellulosic fabricsOr that cattle grazing can be a cause of deforestation in the Amazon and the leather produced from that region has been traced to global fashion brands’ shoes and bags.

They are unaware that synthetic fabrics are made from oil. By washing them, they will contribute to more than a third all over. ocean microplastics, or that these microplastics will end up in their own bloodstream – as was reported in a study in March of 2022Researchers at Vrije University, Netherlands, discovered plastic polymers in bloodstreams of most of the participants. Half of them were PET, which is the polymer found in clothing. 

Shoppers may be entirely unaware of the reason why their clothes are so incredibly cheap — namely, because the cost is being taken from the industry’s factory garment workers who are paid less than the minimum wageThe global south is nowhere near being a “living” wage. Unknowingly, buyers support an industry that is the 2nd biggest contributor Modern slavery includes child labor.

The fast fashion industry will likely suffer as a result. continue to grow. By 2030,One estimate suggestsAs 3 billion people enter the global middle class, clothing consumption will rise 63%. recent reportIt is estimated that the world is on track. triple clothing productionBy 2050

Major industries are regulated. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulate the automotive industry. They also have local jurisdictions like the California Air Resource Board. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and The Food and Drug Administration are responsible for regulating the food and agriculture industries. However, the U.S. Department Of Agriculture and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulate the fashion industry. It is one of the most important manufacturing industries on the globe. almost entirely Unregulated

Brands have not been given any incentives to change, as there is no regulation in the fashion industry. Fast fashion has come at a too high price. To reduce the irreversible impact this industry has on the planet, accountability and systemic change is crucial.

It is possible that this will soon happen.

EARTHDAY.ORG’s campaign, Fashion for the Earth is part The Act on Fashion Coalition which supports The Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act(The Fashion Act) was introduced to the New York State Legislatures on January 1, this year. The fashion industry will be required to account for its emissions, water use, and chemical management. It will also have to map its supply chains and disclose its social responsibility. With legally binding environmental standards, The Fashion Act will provide a framework and vision for the transition towards a sustainable sector.

It’s time to send a message that Fast Fashion is Out of Fashion. 

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