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Fans React to Slipknot’s Heavy Melodic Ballad ‘Yen’

Fans React to Slipknot's Heavy Melodic Ballad 'Yen'

Fans are reacting to “Yen,”Slipknot’s melodic, heavy ballad, which has just been released on the third single The End, So Far, their new album which will be released on Sept. 30.

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The track is now near “The Chapeltown Rag,”The first taste of 2019’s successor We are not your type that came out prior to the album announcement, and “The Dying Song (Time to Sing).”Although the rest of the album remains a mystery, fans can now dig into a decent portion of it. The three singles are tracks two to three and four respectively.

With “Yen” being a more atypical track for Slipknot — meaning it’s not a hyper aggressive stomper crossed with lightning fast drum fills — and indulges a softer approach more akin to “Killpop.” Still, Corey Taylor discharges some pained barks amid the more ballad-like structure — make no mistake, it’s still very much Slipknot.

This style seems to cause a less united reaction from fans, which is normal for a song like this. There is a lot to talk about and decode, which is always a positive takeaway. This song has been a huge hit with headbangers. “Yen.”

Check out the reactions down below.

Slipknot’s North American Fall Tour with Ice Nine Kills, Crown the Empire and Slipknot begins Sept. 20. You can find the dates here. this locationPre-order tickets The End, So FarGo here.

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Slipknot’s New Song Gets Reacted to by Fans “Yen”

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