Every Outfit In Tales Of Arise, Ranked

Every Outfit In Tales Of Arise, Ranked

Tales of Arise, like most modern JRPGs has a few ways to customize your party members. Tales of Arise has many outfits available for each character. They can be unlocked in many different ways, allowing them to display their quirky personalities. Tales is a series that offers everything you could want.

Tales of Arise is about friendship, perseverance and loyalty. It’s also a game that is incredibly stylish, artistically directed, and executed. Each character would be proud to wear the additional outfits without hesitation. At least that’s the main point.

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Ragged Clothes

Alphen is not offended, but the Tales of Arise starting Outfit is quite bad. Although he can’t help it, it is the worst of the bunch. Alphen does however see a slight glow in his wardrobe so it’s not all bad.

Farmer’s Clothes (Entire cast)

This outfit may be loved by many people, and it certainly has some redeeming aspects. But it’s just too much. The hat, overalls, large pockets and the hat are all hilarious. Dohalim is unable to make the Farmer’s Clothes fashionable, which shows how bad it is.

One Piece White

The White One Piece is Shionne’s starting outfit. While it is better than Alphen’s (sorry, bud), it gives her more options later on in the game. While this outfit isn’t bad, it lacks character for Shionne.

Wolfless Vest

Law’s large, metal wolfhead is a staple of the wardrobe. We won’t allow it to be removed! This is easily Law’s worst outfit and takes away his quirkiness/seriousness in one fell swoop. Who would have thought the head of a wolf was so special?

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Green Wolf Vest

It is difficult to combine green and white, which is why this Outfit of Law’s fails. The wolf head is still present, which is important, but the overall color scheme is a bit lacking. This outfit is one of his weakest. There are better options.

Steamy Towel (Entire Cast)

The “Hot Springs Anime Trope”Tales of Arise sees the ugly side of steamy towels again, leaving cast members with a Steamy Towel Outfit they can wear proudly. Although it is not a terrible Outfit, it could have been worse.

Clerk Uniform (Entire Cast)

The Clerk Uniform is a stylish uniform that makes everyone look fashionable, unlike the horrible Farmer’s Clothes. We love the Clerk Uniform because it is fashionable and flattering for every member of our crew. “group clothes”This was the case before.

Coat that was inherited

Rinwell’s first outfit is amazing, but it is easily her weakest of the color schemes and themed Outfits. The Inherited Coat has a lot of character and a great color scheme, but it’s not enough to compete with other outfits.

Decoy Guardsman Armor

Kisara has one of Tales of Arise’s best starting Outfits, which is why we haven’t seen much of it up until now. Even here, it is obvious that her Decoy Guardiansman Armor is not necessarily bad, but is her weakest piece of clothing compared to the rest.

Bureau Uniform

Law’s Bureau Uniform will be on display when you first meet him in Tales of Arise. Law isn’t the most elegant of characters, but he looks great in the uniform. The overall look is cool with the mostly black clothing.

Blue Inherited Coat

The Blue Inherited Coat is a subtle change in color from her default Outfit. It pops in a great way. The color scheme is almost identical to that of the original, but it has a darker and more vibrant blue. This makes it stand out from an already great Outfit.

Silver Wolf Vest

Law leaves the Bureau after he has finished his work and is able to take control of his own life. This Outfit of Law is far superior to the Wolfless variant and his Bureau Uniform. It only gets better.

Fiery Teacher Suit

Kisara is the best-fitted character for the “teacher uniform,”It feels out of place for her execution. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with a casual outfit from time to time. But, we feel that Kisara’s character wouldn’t be one of these. “Fiery Teacher.”The suit is still a great piece of clothing and has amazing color schemes. It’s also a beautiful overall look, which is why it’s so much more expensive than the rest.

Ocean Blue Battle Garb

Alphen finally shed his tattered clothes and now wears a well-tailored set of battle clothes. This is a huge improvement. The olive green pants ruin the overall theme of the outfit and take away some points. It’s still a solid option.

Noble Crimson

The Noble Crimson is a stunning alternative color scheme to Shionne’s Noble Scarlett Outfit. It falls a little short of the original because it lacks additional colors. It would probably be higher if it had more black highlights or the color red was darker.

Scarlet Inherited Coat

The Scarlet Inherited Coat of Rinwells is strikingly identical to Shionne’s Outfit but executes it much better. The black shirt/shorts that are worn under the dark red coat are a nice touch. Red leggings are a nice addition.

il Qaras Traditional Attire

You were curious about Dohalim’s location? Did you believe he’d be lower? Dohalim is the definition style and can rock any outfit he wears. Take his default Outfit as an example. It’s elegant and sensational from head to foot.

Midnight Battle Garb

Look familiar? The Midnight Battle Garb is an alternative color scheme to Alphen’s Ocean Blue Battle Garb Outfit. It is far better. He now has dark blue pants and black gloves. His shirt is a darker shade of the original olive green. This outfit solves the majority of the problems we had with the original.

Sincleaver Armor

You can see that the Sincleaver Armor fits Alphen perfectly every time he puts it on. The dark blue, tattered cape wraps around Alphen’s neck like a scarf and highlights the black metal armor. This outfit is truly one of Alphen’s best.

Uniform for Boys at School

Alphen’s School Attire costume packs are excellent for the most part. Alphen’s Boys’ School Uniform is available in many colors and includes a fancy hairstyle. This uniform is fun and looks like something Alphen would wear.

Rapscallion Wetsuit

Law’s beach outfit is a bit too extravagant for the beach, but it really looks great with its colors and designs. Although we think it is too much, it is still a good choice for Law as he could be a great surfer. Even if he’s not, you have got to start somewhere.

Noble Scarlet

The Noble Scarlet was Shionne’s first change of outfit. She went from wearing a White One Piece to a beautiful dress. This outfit is so beautiful that Alphen stopped in his tracks. Shionne’s red tiered tiara and red bows around her arms and inside her dress match perfectly. This outfit suits Shionne perfectly.

Guardsman Armor

The default Guardsman Armor of Kisara is amazing in almost every way. The standard white armor plates with gold highlights and a black undersuit look amazing. They are simple, effective, and look great. Kisara might have the best starting outfit in the game.

Heroic Surf Shorts

Alphen’s more traditional Outfit is a departure from Law’s slick beachwear. The sandals and trunks are solid, especially when paired together with the different color schemes. The jacket is the only thing that feels off-putting, but it isn’t an unplanned sleeve or glove.

Silver Sincleaver Armor

This alternate color of Alphen’s Sincleaver Armor, is a great example of killer armor. The silver armor plates look great with the black undersuit and golden cape. Neither of these colors are distracting or offensive, making this a top pick for Alphen’s best.

Rapscallion Swimsuit

The Rapscallion Swimsuit is fun and playful, and there is not much else to say. The life vest adds a nice touch and makes the colors pop. It might not be the most stylish beach attire, but it’s not the worst.

Noble Azure

The difference in balance between Shionne’s Noble Azure and her Crimson variants is night and day. The deep purple with a bright blue inside looks stunning and flows much better. The outfit is even more vibrant when paired with her Violet Tiara, making it a must-have.

Uniform for Owls

Rinwell’s Owl Uniform fits her personality perfectly. This is one of our favorite school attires. It features a knit wooled barnet, crossbody purse, excellent color pairing, and a crossbody purse. This outfit is effortless to pull off by Rinwell.

Principal Coat

Surprise, surprise, Dohalim slays another Outfit, this time the Principal Coat. This outfit has one problem. Dohalim looks more like an a vampire than a Principal. But he still kills it. It doesn’t really matter. We guess.

Uniform for Girls at School

Shionne’s School Uniform continues to be strong with an outstanding Outfit. Although all of them are stunning, Shionne’s blue and yellow Girl’s School Uniform with diamond printed leggings, bright blue skirt and casual hairstyle is her best. Shionne looks fabulous here.

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il Qaras Dancing Attire

Dohalim’s default attire can be great on its own but it gets better when you tweak its colors. The il Quaras Dancing Attire displays a deep soothing, blueish-green robe with a gold trim. This outfit is easy on the eyes because it mixes colors so well.

Red-White Wolf Vest

It can be hard to nail a style because everything depends on the color pairing and placement. Law’s Red White Wolf Vest is a wonderful combination of colors. The contrast between the bright red pants and the dark red sleeveless top is stunning. The gold trim/wolfhead is a wonderful touch.

Tunica Rene (Alphen, Shionne, Dohalim)

Only Alphen, Shionne and Dohalim can wear Tunica Rene, but they all look great in them. They are significant and influential because of the white shirt, pants and shoes with golden patterns weaved throughout.

Best Choice

Chilliwack Down Bomber Coat in black with stretch rib waistband and cuff, exterior pockets, adjustable tunnel hood

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il Qaras Festive Attire

Dohalim is back with another great color packet for his attire. This time it’s a rich purple and white robe that bounce off each others perfectly. Dohalim’s il Qaras Festive Attire, which is highly praised, is one of the sharpest uniforms in his collection.

Silent Assassin

Kisara dressed up as Nina in Tekken is a brilliant plan, and one that was well executed. Kisara pulls off this look so well, we almost wanted her not to use her shield or mace to replicate Nina’s fighting style. However, Kisara’s moveset was already quite solid so it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Explosive Swim Briefs

We are aware that Dohalim’s wardrobe has received a lot of praise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it. Dohalim understands it and is just going to the beach prepared accordingly. Dohalim’s jacket seems excessive, but he has a speedo and sandals on and a headband. This signal that he wants fun and wants to go to the beaches. There’s no need to go too far. Law, look at me.

Vacation Bikini

Similar to Dohalim’s Vacation Bikini beach outfit, Kisara’s Vacation Bikini Beach attire is surprisingly the only one that accurately portrays the character going to the beaches. Shades? Check. Bikini? Check. Sandals? Sandals are also great. Kisara is ready for some beach relaxation, a nice tan and maybe a little bit of adventure in the ocean. She will look amazing doing it.

Armor of the Gold Sincleaver

Alphen’s Gold Sincleaver Armor features a great combination of golden armor plates and a black cape with undersuit. This outfit is Alphen’s finest and certainly one of the most popular Sincleaver Armor color schemes.

Twilight One Piece

The all-white outfit seemed lacking character, but the Twilight One Piece is a key part of the story and looks amazing. The White One Piece was okay, but it lacked depth and expression. The Twilight One Piece is one of Shionne’s most memorable outfits.

Lunar Inherited Coat

Rinwell’s Lunar Herited Coat is her favorite choice for alternate colors for default outfits. The combination of white, gold, and purple will look great no matter what you wear it with. This outfit is amazing because of the way the colors are balanced and placed.

Ceremonial Wolf Garb

No metal wolf heads? No problem. Law wakes up in a fluffy wolf head cap and wooly clothing, with the Ceremonial Wolf Garb outfit to withstand the harsh winter. Law’s lone wolf loyalty and mentality are perfectly reflected in this amazing outfit. It looks cool and very, Very warm.

Copper Sincleaver Armor

The Copper Sincleaver Armor, Alphen’s, is spectacular with its reddish-brown color and splashes of colour thanks to the cape. This armor’s color palette isn’t striking on its own but when it’s assembled in this fashion, it’s hard not to be impressed by how stunning it looks.

Noble Ash

Shionne again wears a primarily black outfit and the Noble Ash. This stunning outfit has a few highlights, such as the shoulders and inside. It is not her best alternative color scheme to her stunning dress, but it is close.

il Qaras Mourning Attire

Dohalim’s wardrobe allows for some truly amazing color combinations. The il Qarus Mourning Attire is one prime example. The deep, rich purple goes well with the dark robe and gold outlines. Dohalim is a man who exudes style and elegance.

Samurai Armor

Alphen’s Samurai Armor, which is meticulously constructed and looks amazing in action, is exquisite. Although the color choices are disappointing, they do not detract from the set’s status as a top-half pick. Each color is amazing on its own, but we wish the set had more. “realistically colored”It is important to balance it.


The bizarrely named SW-EQ01M armor set is for Alphen looks terrifying and ominous. The subtle details of the chest piece bring life to the whole outfit. The mysterious aura that Alphen’s mask gives off helps bring everything together. It isn’t perfect, but it’s cool enough to not be a problem.

Aquatic Guardsman Armor

Aquatic Guardsman Armor by Kisara adds a beautiful color palette of light violet to her classic armor design. The armor’s golden highlights help to bring out the colors even more. To achieve the same effect, a black undersuit is also available. This outfit is easily among Kisara’s most impressive.

Chic Vagabond

It is difficult to manage a color palette of browns and greens with a small amount of red. Dohalim is possible, as you probably know. Dohalim is dressed in Chic Vegabond’s Chic Vegabond attire. This includes a turban, harem trousers, and a shawl. The shawl is worn over a white shirt. Dohalim hits the nail on this outfit.

Reconciler Armor

The Reconciler Armo is Alphen’s Sincleaver Armor. It is the best variant. The Reconciler Armo is a beautiful armor because of the careful placement of the highlights and blacked out designs. The tattered black cape wraps around the neck and looks like a scarf, on top of the brightly colored armor plates, makes this a truly iconic piece of equipment. Alphen’s white hair is another great addition to this set.

Pre-Guard Getup

Kisara lived an entirely different life before becoming a Guard of Dohalim. You can see what Kisara might look like if she had not enlisted as a Guard by looking at the Pre-Guard Outfit. Although the outfit is predominantly a brown, black and white color palette, Kisara pulls it off flawlessly. The style of her hair is more casual than usual, which works well with the outfit.

Regal Swimsuit

Shionne’s Regal Swimsuit, which she wears in a one-piece athletic suit and has her hair pulled down before entering the water, is the best of the crew. Her swimsuit’s colors are amazing and pop! Shionne seems to have the best beach outfit, while Law is in the last place.

New World Trailblazer

Alphen’s New World Trailblazer outfit has many remarkable aspects. The outfit is made more interesting by Alphen’s orange cape and red vest beneath, which he paired with black and red trousers. The attire is western-inspired and has a subtle cowboy/western vibe. However, it has amazing color coordination and style.

Night Guardsman Armor

Kisara’s Guardsman armor is one of my favorite outfits. Every color variant makes it even more impressive. The Night Guardsman Armor, which is the best-coordinated Guardsman Armor Set of Kisara’s, is no different. The black metal with solid golden trim is irresistible. And the black undersuit does a great job of blending everything, making subtleties of the gold stand out more.

Noble Blossom

Although Shionne’s gorgeous gown comes in many colors, the Noble Blossom is unique. The Noble Blossom’s color is more pastel, with pale blue covering most of the dress’s exterior and light pink inside. This brings everything together beautifully. There are also hints of gold, black and other colors throughout the dress. This gives the outfit more versatility. The Noble Blossom dress is Shionne’s favourite, and there is no competition.

Shogun Regalia

Dohalim’s most favorite outfit is the Shogun Regalia. This is mainly because of how great he looks in it. The color combinations are amazing, but Dohalim also sells the look. Dohalim’s Shogun Regalia has a much more focused color palette than Alphen’s Samurai Armor.

Female Samurai Armor

Kisara’s Samurai Armor, featuring beautiful designs printed on the fabric and vibrant colors, is her best outfit. Each set is stunning and practical, which is what you want when making an armor set.

World Unifier

Because it is stylish and evokes adventure, Shionne’s World Unifier outfit ranks high. Although the combination of red, orange and brown shouldn’t look this good, Shionne pulls it off with flying colors. Its use of white throughout gives it volume, which is a nice touch.

Domonic Stole

The outfits Rinwell wears are solid as usual, as you can see in this photo. However, the Demonic Stole elevates it to a whole new level. The Demonic Stole’s various color combinations are amazing, and the butterfly wings on the back add to the appeal of the outfit. Although this uniform could be a bit too gimmicky, it threads the needle with precision. It does everything it was intended to do.

Mia’s Blood Veil

Although this outfit is Mia Karnstein’s from Code Vein. Shionne still rocks it. The purple and black color scheme is stunning. With the purple only on the skirt and leggings, it stands out even more and looks amazing. This outfit is simply stunning, and it should be in the top ten.

Gale Shinobi Costume

The Gale Shinobi Costume by Law is one of the most beautiful sets in Tales of Arise. Law looks stunning in this outfit. With a purple onibel in one of the color schemes, it makes him look like Sasuke in the Naruto series. It was quite surprising to see how Law managed to be a ninja. However, the execution is amazing.

Battlemaiden Outfit

Shionne, who is still in Feudal Japanese with the clothing crushes her Battlemaided Outfit without much effort. This outfit is truly outstanding thanks to the offset length of the dress, the colorful leggings, and the oni knotted hair. This outfit is Shionne’s best, each color variation being unique, stylish and well-handled.


The SW-EQ02F outfit Shionne wore has a strange and unconventional name convention. But it is the best. The batwing-esque cape Sionne wears that begins at her waist and ends at her black and golden boots is both ominous and stylish. The outfit is also notable for its unique design: Sionne’s black suit with intricate gold- and silver patterns in the skin makes it stand out.

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Gahm Arthalys

The Gahm Arthalys, Alphen’s last story-obtained outfit, is his best. The gold outlines running through each article of clothing create a cohesive, distinguished look while still allowing for some blue and red splashes. This is what makes this outfit so special.

A Colorful Session

Rinwell’s Colorful Session, while taken from the Idolmaster Series, is adorable without being too outrageous. This outfit is fantastic and features a primarily gold and white dress with well-placed pastel colors such as pink, yellow, blue, and purple. The braided hair of Rinwell is a nice touch that ties everything together. Traditionally, such an outfit would have been uninspiring, but Rinwell totally knocks it out the park!

L’Aze Phiarquis

Like Alphen’s Gahm Arthalys Gahm Arthalyss, the L’Aze Phiarquis outfit is the last Shionne receives from the story. It’s also the best outfit in all of the game. The top tear is the pure white dress with the neon blue outline at its bottom. It is complemented by dark blue leggings, arm sleeves, and dark blue leggings. Moreover, shionne has a neon-blue flower in her hair and a shoulder pad of neon blue on her right shoulder. This outfit stands out above the rest because of its amazing color coordination.

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