Energous and Flagship Announce Second Commercial Deployment of Wireless Power Networks with Major Fashion Brand

Energous and Flagship Announce Second Commercial Deployment of Wireless Power Networks with Major Fashion Brand

SAN JOSE, Calif. & SYDNEY – (BUSINESS WIRE)–Energous Corporation (Nasdaq: WATT) – a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks – and Flagship – a retail technology company that gives physical stores the ability to track their products in real time while unlocking detailed customer browsing insights – today announced their second retail store deployment of Wiliot Internet of Things (IoT) Pixelsmart tags Energous and Flagship’s latest deployment is with Academy Brandspecializes in timeless, classic clothing that is suitable for all ages, including children and adults.

Flagship and Energous have announced the second retail program. The Wiliot tags in Flagship’s retail deployment are all wirelessly energized by multiple Energous WattUp PowerBridges, capturing important information such as stock integrity (in-store inventory location) as well as purchases. This allows Academy Brand insight into in-store consumer behavior to provide actionable insights on inventory counts, loss prevention as well as fitting room sessions, replenishment requirements, floor merchandising, and floor merchandising.

“This exciting new deployment with Academy accentuates the progress that we continue to make in the commercial rollout of wireless power networks within the retail sector,”Cesar Johnston is the CEO of Energous. “By providing a reliable source of wireless power for these tags, Energous technology is truly enabling the transformation of the smart retail space.”

Wiliot IoT pixels are low-cost, battery-free smart tags that attach to almost everything. The Academy Brand deployment uses Wiliot tags that are powered wirelessly by multiple Energous WattUp PowerBridges.

“We were originally working with solutions that featured battery-powered BLE tags, however, Wiliot has uncovered both a cost and operational benefit that couldn’t quite be achieved with the battery-powered tags. Once we understood the level of sophistication that Energous’ wireless power transmitters and the Wiliot IoT Pixels provided, we knew this was what we were looking for,”Simon Molnar, Flagship’s founder and CEO, said: “This partnership supports Flagship’s mission to bring brick-and-mortar retail into the digital world. Providing retail tags and connected devices with a reliable source of power is instrumental to enabling the smart store of tomorrow, and we’re proud to now have multiple pilot deployments with Energous and Flagship’s technologies.”

“It’s very exciting to see the momentum growing behind this new generation of retail systems using Wiliot technology to unlock a real-time view of what’s going on in the physical store. When you can improve efficiency and enhance the shopping experience at the same time, it’s clear that eventually all stores will be run this way,”Steve Statler, Wiliot’s SVP of Marketing “Flagship and Energous are great examples of how our partners’ expertise is enabling best-of-breed solutions for brands that want to use cutting edge technology to thrive.”

Energous WattUp PowerBridge transmitters are capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously over a distance. They can send power to and act as a link for connected IoT devices, such as trackers, IoT tag, sensors and more. Multiple WattUp PowerBridge transmitters form a WattUp Wireless Power Network, which can cover unlimited distances to support large-scale deployments such as warehouses, factories, logistics hubs, and retail stores. The WattUp Wireless Power Network provides consistent power for IoT devices without the need to replace batteries or rely upon restrictive wires and cables.

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About Energous Corporation

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Energous Corporation (Nasdaq: WATT) is leading the advancement of Wireless Power Networks to meet the growing power demands of today’s devices and tomorrow’s innovations. Its award-winning, RF-based WattUp® technology is the only solution that supports both near field and at-a-distance wireless power, enabling flexible device designs without cumbersome power cables or replaceable batteries. Energous is a developer of silicon-based wireless power transfer technologies (WPT) and customizable reference designs to support the growing ecosystem of devices in industrial and retail IoT. The company has received the world’s first FCC Part 18 certification for at-a-distance WPT and has been awarded more than 200 patents for its WattUp® technology.

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About Flagship

Flagship is a retail tech company that bridges the insight gap for retailers, from online to in-store. Flagship is helping brick-and mortar retailers to move into the digital age by creating smart shops of the future.

Flagship’s unique technology automatically tracks the movement of items in a store, fitting room or warehouse. Pairing this technology with our unique insights, unlocks eCommerce-like features so that retailers can better understand their customers’ shopping behaviors to increase full price sell through, personalize customer in-store recommendations and improve retail efficiencies.

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