Home Fashion Styles Emma Chamberlain’s ‘Timeless’ Style, According to Stylist Jared Ellner – WWD

Emma Chamberlain’s ‘Timeless’ Style, According to Stylist Jared Ellner – WWD

Emma Chamberlain’s ‘Timeless’ Style, According to Stylist Jared Ellner – WWD

Emma Chamberlain is indisputably one of Gen Z’s true “It”Girls

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YouTube star, who was 16 years old, has been a YouTube star since launching her own ventures. She also serves as the creative director of Bad Habit Beauty and Chamberlain Coffee. She is also an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, attending its fashion shows and wearing its women’s wear frequently.

Chamberlain’s grasp on fashion is noteworthy, and while she has always been known to dress herself well, this year has marked a significant one for her. With the help of Jared Ellner, Chamberlain made her Met Gala debut. She also attended Paris Fashion Week again.

Ellner styled the YouTuber for a Garage Magazine shoot two years ago. He was then working as an assistant to the fashion editor. “We just hit it off — I loved her,”Ellner spoke to WWD. “It was an incredible day.”

Her publicist then asked Ellner if he would style Chamberlain again in future. Ellner eventually left Garage and moved to Los Angeles, New York City, with the hope of becoming a stylist. However, he was unsure how to proceed, considering that he had attended Parsons Fashion Design and had never styled full-time before.

Then Chamberlain’s publicist reached out and mentioned she was looking for a full-time stylist, asking if Ellner would step up to the plate.

“It was so beyond lucky. The timing worked out incredibly well, it was shocking,”He said. “Then we kind of just hit the ground running.”

Chamberlain was one of the first stars to embrace the resurgence of trends from the late ‘90s to early Aughts era, managing to mesh pieces like a vintage Paul Frank or Von Dutch crop top and low-rise cargo pants with Louis Vuitton loafers. Ellner was able to tap into her fashion sense and elevate it.

“​​She has unbelievable style. She’s truly a dream client and person to work with because she has such a good sense of her own style and a good eye that it makes working with her effortless,”He said. “I’m such a fan of how she puts herself together already, so being asked to help with that was the best possible dream job I could’ve ever asked for.”

Ellner believes Chamberlain is the most influential when it comes down to defining and sourcing inspiration for her style. “classic”It is versatile.

“She looks timeless, no matter what she does, I feel like she has a very good ability to wear new things and vintage things and make it all look classic,”Ellner said. “She reminds me a lot of early ‘90s fashion. She can pull from a lot of different references. She always tends to make something look very natural, so it can go a million different ways because she’s super adaptable.”

Recently, Ellner helped put together some of the YouTuber’s biggest fashion looks this year, including the custom sparkling, sequin- and rhinestone-studded Louis Vuitton dress she wore to her Met Gala debut. The dress featured triangle cutouts that showed off her midriff and sides, as well as a backless design with an asymmetric train on her left side.


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Emma Chamberlain in Louis Vuitton at the 2021 Met Gala
Lexie Moreland/WWD

While the stylist has put together plenty of memorable ensembles for Chamberlain since they’ve worked together, the Met Gala look was his favorite.

“I definitely can’t take full credit for that because it was such a collaboration with Emma with Louis Vuitton,”Ellner said. “There was so much love and labor put into that from all sides. It was both our first. [Met Gala]She wanted to appear grown-up, and I believe she did. She’d never really stepped out and showcased fashion like this.

“She had such beautiful ideas. We were sending back and forth a lot of images of Cher and different silhouettes,”He continued. “We wanted to use this moment to really make her youthful but very grown-up and stepping into a new light of fashion era for her. So that was a very, very special one.”

So far this year, Ellner and Chamberlain have worked together on cover shoots for L’Officiel Philippines, Forbes France and Numéro Netherlands, as well as photo campaigns for Chamberlain Coffee and her “7 Days, 7 Looks” video segment for Vogue.

“It’s honestly surreal, but it doesn’t really feel that overwhelming and scary because I have such an amazing partner in this at the end of the day,”Ellner said. “I get to work with her, and I love her mind, how she thinks and what she wants so much that it’s hard to lose sight of that. It never feels daunting or intimidating. It’s genuinely just exciting.”


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