Elegance coach Anna Bey reveals the ten outfits sophisticated women NEVER wear to a party

Anna Bey explained in her most recent YouTube clip why there are certain outfits women of class wouldn't be seen in, and how avoiding them will elevate your style

An elegance coach shared the ten party attires that sophisticated women would not wear to a party. This included sequins, glitter gowns, thigh high cuts, and Christmas sweaters. 

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Anna Bey, who divides her time between London, Geneva and London, explained it in her most recent article YouTubeYou will see why certain outfits aren’t appropriate for women of high class, and how you can avoid them to elevate your style. 

Anna, the founder of The School of Affluence boasts 1.09 million subscribers on YouTube. She teaches viewers how to live a feminine life in the hope of attracting a wealthy partner.

In her latest YouTube video, Anna Bey explained why certain outfits are not appropriate for women of class and how to avoid them.

1. At family gatherings, don’t wear anything too revealing.

Anna insists that it’s more appropriate to wear more, not less, this party season, especially when you’re with your grandparents and other older family members. 

She stated, “You don’t want this awkward feeling inside the room because your skin is so exposed and you’re so light dressed,” especially for older generations.

“You will feel outof place because you put on this show.”

Men who dress up for special occasions should avoid any outfit with a ‘heavy and deep cleavage’ or a garment that is very short and tight by design. 

Anna is adamant that it's more suitable to wear more - not less - this party season, particularly when you're around your grandparents and older family members

Anna insists it’s more appropriate to wear more, not less, this party season, especially if you’re near your grandparents or older family members

2. Wear sequins and glitter dresses.

Anna claims that while this isn’t a strict rule, it is very rare when a sequin or glitter-encrusted outfit will be a style win. 

“Not all glitter and sequin gowns are created equal.” You can find really nice ones, high-end ones and then some that are really tacky,’ she stated.

“Stop buying fabrics made from low-quality cuts and materials, that are too gaudy or that combine cheap fabrics with other fabrics.

3. You shouldn’t wear a Christmas jumper

They might be funny for the first 10 minutes but the joke will stick with you the rest of the night if you keep wearing the acrylic jumper with Santa’s face on it.

Anna said, “We all know this type of jumper doesn’t flatter anyone.”

“I don’t see the point in dressing up as a frump, masculine, or looking your worst for such an occasion.”

While they might be a funny gag for the first 10 minutes, the joke will be on you for the rest of the evening if you continue to wear the acrylic jumper with Santa's face on it

They might be funny for the first 10 minutes but the joke will stick with you the rest of the night if you keep wearing the acrylic jumper with Santa’s face on it.

4. Winter is too cold to wear a summer dress.

Anna stated that this is only applicable to ladies who live in countries with four distinct seasons.

“The climate is different. Summer fabrics and colours look out of place in a dark and cold winter environment. You need something thicker.

Even if you don’t want to wear long sleeves to an event, you can still add winter flair to your outfit by wearing a scarf or shawl to keep warm. 

5. No girly cupcake’ dresses

Avoid embarrassment and leave your sickly sweet, sequin-ified short style ballgown dresses behind.  

It can look a little too juvenile and cheesy for a girl to wear it. She said that she thought it looked a little odd.

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“If you have a girly style, that’s great. But sometimes, you can go too far. Some women believe it will make them appear more elegant, but it doesn’t. 

Avoid total embarrassment by leaving sickly sweet coloured, sequin-ified short ballgown style dresses by the wayside

Avoid embarrassment by leaving your sickly sweet, sequin-ified, short ballgown style dresses at the curb.

6. Don’t wear plain black bodycon mini dresses

Anna asserts that while some people consider a little-black dress to be a statement piece of clothing, they need to be worn in a specific way. 

“I agree that every woman should own a little black dress. She said that a classic dress can look so simple if it’s too short, bodycon, and very plain.

“Sometimes plain clothes can look more expensive, but this is not the case.”

7. A high-slit dress is not recommended.

“Imagine a gust of wind blowing through your hair and you’ve flashed your crotch.” Anna replied, “No, not if your goal is to be elegant.”

Some styles require a split, but it doesn’t have to go beyond the middle of your thighs. 

‘I must clarify that some splits can be fine, but those that finish lower on your leg are not. Anna stated that she meant the ones that reach the bottom of the panty line. This is so that you can see that the lady or person wearing them doesn’t have any underwear.

“It can make you feel uncomfortable. Wardrobe malfunctions are a common occurrence.

Certain styles warrant a split but it need not go past the middle of your thigh, Anna suggests

Anna suggests that you only split certain styles. However, it doesn’t have to extend beyond your thigh.

8.  Don’t wear a jacquard print dress

Although the old school fabric has its place, women are at risk of looking ‘dated’ if it is worn to a party in 2021. 

“This is not a fashion guide, but it is my guide for you. It is often not expensive or elegant. It can look like a curtain or costume,’ Anna stated.

“My advice is to stay away.

9. Red velvet and green velvet are not appropriate for Christmas.

Red velvet is especially dangerous because it is what Santa is wearing. Anna advised that you avoid velvet colours.

These are great options for any season, but they look much more out-of-place when they’re paired with festive tones.

To stand out from the crowd, choose a different color in velvet, such as a cool-blue. 

'Red velvet is particularly dangerous because this is exactly what Santa is wearing. I would advise you not to wear those colours in velvet,' Anna said

Red velvet is particularly dangerous since this is what Santa is wearing. Anna stated, “I would advise you to not wear those colours in velvet.”

10. Party season is not the time to wear casual clothes

‘You don’t want to be a party-pooper. Anna said that if you aren’t properly dressed, it will ruin your mood first, and it will show bad manners towards everyone else who made an effort.

It means that you don’t care enough to make an effort.

That means jumpers and jeans are best left for another day. 

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