Eagles gear sales help ‘hot girl’ merchandise sellers ahead of NFC championship game

Devon Mellul, of Boca Raton, Fla., owns DevineSportsWear, an Instagram shop that sells reworked Eagles hoodies and hand-painted denim.

Oversize denim jackets with a variety of patches. White crew necks tied-dyed in kelly green. Distressed crop Ts with Eagles logos.

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These are just a few examples from what is currently trending ”hot girl” Eagles apparelThis is where vintage Pro Shop gear is transformed by designers into something trendy, sporty and sexy.

As the Eagles head into the NFC championship against the San Francisco 49ers, Eagles gear is in high demand, but not everyone can easily find something that fits their style — causing Philly’s “hot girl”Merch designers should consider making their side hustles a full-time job.

NFL apparel for women has been around since the beginning. comically corny and ill-fittingMany cute alternatives have been created in high-end boutiques. With prices hovering in the hundreds of dollars, there’s a hole in the market for people who tailgate for vibes only.

Typical Eagles merch “doesn’t take into account what we like,”Isabella Dahrouch (22-year-old owner) of the Philly-based clothing business 215 Upcycled. “[Companies] just say, ‘Oh we’ll make it tight.’ Meanwhile, most girls are just looking for fun, creative pieces they can express themselves with.”

Dahrouch was born in Wayne. She is a fifth-year marketing major from Temple University. In 2019, 215 Upcycled was founded by bleaching thrifted Ts.

“I probably gave my roommate bleach poisoning,”Dahrouch reminisces with a smile. She now has a studio in her parents’ garage. “I’m in my Mark Zuckerberg era.”

215 Upcycled sells vintage finds reworked of all kinds, but Dahrouch stated that her bread-and-butter is custom Eagles apparel: denim jackets panels pulled from old Birds shirtsSweatshirts cut to fit like those viral corsetsCropped sweaters in abundance. Dahrouch claims that half of her sales of sports apparel this season came from Eagles gear.

“My [Instagram] DMs have been flooding,”Dahrouch said. Most T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets cost $30-50. However, custom jackets can be purchased for around $225.

Devon Mellul of Devine SportsWearHer Instagram-driven brand is experiencing similar booms, she said.

Mellul, 30 years old, grew up Florida, But her family is from Philly. She began Devine SportsWearIn 2021, while working as a teacher.

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“Right now it’s just a side hustle, but it’s becoming much more than something I do on the side,”Mellul said. Her brand specializes on fitted Birds sweatshirtsAnd painted denimThis ranges between $100 and $150. Devine SportsWear sold 60 pieces of Eagles gear in each month of the season, she stated.

Mellul said she spends 40 hours a week — on top of her full-time sales job — running her clothing business with two other women, and flies to Philly monthly to rummage thrift stores for overlooked Eagles apparel.

There’s no set criteria for whether a thrifted item has enough potential to be transformed into, say, an Eagles-themed going-out topDahrouch however has a few rules. Good finds must be oversize and a little worn. “something I know I’ll wear.”

Mellul summarized it this way: “When you see something that works, you just know.”

From fads to full-time

The Eagles are admittedly a bit smug. aren’t always this good. How do these business owners meet this new demand while still acknowledging the importance of their customers? fickle naturePhilly fandom?

Julia Swahl, Newtown Square-based CEO One Thread, believes she’s found a balance.

Swahl, 25, quit her job at Urban Outfitters to start her embroidery business in 2021. She said that most of the sales come from a very small range of products. unisex Eagles-themed Ts and crewnecksPrices starting at $50 and ending at $55.

“Right now, my focus is on how well the Eagles-related merch is doing,”Swahl said that she hopes to capitalize upon her new customer base and expand her set of customers. minimalist, affirmation-forward streetwear.

Eaglesmania has taken control of her life. She is. scaling back custom orders — her favorite part of the business — to accommodate the influx of Eagles interest.

“I’m a one-woman show,”Swahl said.

Dahrouch, of 215 Upcycled, also feels the same pressure. A recent night, she was up until three a.m. finishing two custom jackets in collaboration with a Philly content writer before driving into the city at five a.m. to drop them and prepare for a photoshoot.

Her normal days are jam-packed with activities. Commuting, classes, a Marketing Internship, and late night sewing and merchandising in the Studio.

“I did experience burnout last year,”Dahrouch stated. “But my business is based on slow fashion, so I’m trying not to turn myself into a one-woman sweatshop trying to churn things out quickly.”

Dahrouch is optimistic about where hot girl Eagles gear can take her, especially as she — and her fellow upcyclers — have noticed NFL gear get marginally cooler.

“I always want [215 Upcycled] to be a part of my life,”Dahrouch plans to dedicate several months to design after graduating in May. “I know I have the momentum. It’s up to me to push myself to make 215 bigger.”

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