Dragon Ball: Goku’s Best Outfits

Dragon Ball - Goku's Best Looks

Goku has evolved a lot from an innocent, money-tailed boy to a gold-haired master of martial arts. Dragon Ball. It’s no surprise that one of the most beloved anime characters is also the reason why series creators wanted to give fans many different looks over the years.

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Dragon BallGoku has been seen dressing up as an ordinary person, a traditional martial artist and a Saiyan fighter. Some fans remained with the series for many episodes while others disappeared quickly. These are the most beautiful outfits Goku has worn throughout the series, regardless of how long they lasted.

10 Whist Gi

Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct, the most extraordinary technique taught to everyone’s favorite Saiyan who has a heart of steel, took him to new heights. To be ready to face the most powerful and boldest of all universes in the Tournament of Power, he had to train. That’s where Whis Gi comes in.

This is a riff on Goku’s classic orange look. The outfit features modern shoes, which are different from his usual attire, and the mark of Whis on its front.Consider what it means for an entity as strong and powerful as Whis to train you. The Whis Gi is both a fashion statement, and a threat.

9 End of Z Gi

The End of Z Gi, Goku’s final outfit at end of Dragon Ball Z Two reasons caught the attention of viewers were: The subtle blues and greens in this Gi are far from the bold oranges or blues of his classic look. This is fitting for a hero whose job is done, at least for the moment.

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This Gi continues the tradition. He doesn’t depart too much from his classic appearance, but the altered colors palette is enough of an riff on it that it feels like something new.

8 Saiyan Battle Armor

Saiyan Battle Armor is a familiar name to long-time fans of the series. You can find the traditional Goku garb on many villains and heroes throughout the series. Dragon Ball Most famously, the Saiyan prince Vegeta. Despite it being the uniform of his race Goku wears it only briefly during his training period in the Hyperbolic Times Chamber with Gohan.

It doesn’t suit him because it screams militarism, aggression–two things which are quite foreign to Goku-–but it was exciting for fans get a glimpse of The Goku that could’ve been.

7 Super Saiyan 4

Goku’s look changes every time he reaches a higher level of Super Saiyan. He may grow his hair, turn it yellow or make a more drastic change to his entire appearance. The latter was the route taken to attain Super Saiyan 4. The appearance of the hero can be drastically altered

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Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 outfit isn’t very similar to his usual look due to the exposed chest and confident smirk. But that’s part what makes it so unique and fun. This is the Z Fighters leader in rare form, and he has a look that’s hard to beat.

6 Xeno

The Xeno outfit may be one of the most successful mashups of old and modern that the series has ever seen. This outfit features the return to power pole and a Dragon Ball attached in the sack.The Xeno costume harkens back at the adventures of a younger, yet no less courageous Goku.

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The Xeno outfit is a strong representation of Goku’s overall strength.

5 Turtle School Gi

Goku’s most well-known look is undoubtedly the Turtle School Gi. When it comes to Dragon Ball outfits, Goku’s orange and blue outfit is simply the best.This is probably why the look is so beloved. Dragon Ball fans, too.

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This Gi, which features the Turtle School Kanji on its front and King Kai’s Kanji at the back, is a proud reminder about where Goku came. The Turtle School Gi’s remarkable ability to look just as good after being shredded by a fight, as it does when it has been cleaned and pressed, is another reason why it is so popular.

4 Turban And Rain Gear

Although it was only one episode, “Changes,”Goku’s rainwear quickly became everyone’s favorite look for Goku after the time skip. The turban, which Mr. Popo gave to Goku, was both fashionable and functional. It was fashionable and functional, keeping Goku’s newly lengthened hair under wraps until the show.

The Turban and Rain Gear brought a whole new dimension to the show in a single second.It was well worth the wait. It’s a shame fans only got one episode to appreciate it.

3 Original Gi

The outfit that started all this: Goku’s original Gi Dragon Ball He is just a little less well-known and iconic than the turtle school gi that most people are familiar with. A white belt and red wristbands complete his look. It is a simple outfit that thrives in contrasts.

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The original Gi has a youthful simplicity, or at least that’s what it feels like looking back on it decades later. The combination of Goku, the original Gi and the Flying Nimbus, soaring through space, is the purest distillation. Dragon Ball Many fans.

2 59

The Cell Saga introduced viewers the 59 look. This was a more casual outfit that Goku wore during off-hours. The 59 look was a welcome departure from the usual assortment of Gi’s, armor, and other goodies that fans were given.

Once in a while Viewers could see a more relaxed Goku.The Saiyan prodigy was an attractive sight, and it was refreshing to see him when he wasn’t busy kicking in alien overlords’ faces.

1 Yardrat

While Goku has had mixed success with alien armor in his past, the Yardrat armor is perhaps his most impressive look. The Yardrat outfit looks much more comfortable on him than the Saiyan Battle Armor. Its flowing style makes it a better fit for Goku, both practically and aesthetically.

Yardrat armor is a great choice. Fans will always associate Goku’s mastery in Instant Transmission with Goku.This makes it more than a fashion statement. It also serves as a reminder of the hero’s power over the years.

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