CHEO School students celebrate end of school year with a fashion show

CHEO School students celebrate end of school year with a fashion show

Many parents and students celebrate the end of kindergarten. For those students at the CHEO School, it’s an opportunity to get dressed up.

Students at the CHEO School were able to witness the fashion show runway lined with balloons and a cheering audience. “goodbye”to their school year.

Thirty five students paraded in front CHEO school.   The school offers an innovative educational/therapy program to students with complex physical needs. About half of the students are graduating and moving on to Grade 1 at other schools.

“This is a celebration of the combination of everyone’s hard work and dedication,”Mari Murray, principal at CHEO School, told CTV News Ottawa. “A time to celebrate our little champions, our students who have worked so hard throughout the year.”

The children walked through a balloon arch.

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“Very good feeling, very nice feeling as a dad,”One parent agreed.

“It was quite emotional. It’s nice to see the kids have so much confidence and have so much fun,”A CHEO mom said it.

The children chose their own outfits, which included fire trucks, unicorns, butterflies and fire trucks.

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