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Daphne was a 2000s mystery-solving baddie in live-action. Scooby-DooMovies, Sarah Michelle gellar was consistent in her looks on the sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy’s iconic Slayer style cemented Buffy’s place as a fashion icon during the late 90s and early 2000s.

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From flowery sundresses to red leather pants, Buffy Summers rarely donned an ugly look, save for the occasional cowboy-hat-that-shall-not-be-named. Though BuffyBuffy was not just called “Buffy” because she had an ensemble of stylish actors with memorable looks. “the Slayer”Because of her kick-ass attitude, and divine destiny.

10 Buffy Looked Angelic in This Sheer White Number

In the 16th Episode of Season 2, “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered,”Xander casts a failed love spell on Buffy and other Sunnydale ladies (except Cordelia). Xander, a spellbound suitor, is chased throughout the episode.

This episode of Buffy features a variety of looks, but this white sheer top and camisole combo is the most adorable and quintessentially early Buffy look: soft and feminine. Even under a love-spell-gone-wrong, Buffy’s impeccable fashion sense always prevails.

9 Buffy Has Been A Style Legend Since Day One

Even in her debut episode in 1997’s “Welcome to the Hellmouth,”Buffy was a constant source of fashion inspiration for fans. After being dropped off her first day at Sunnydale, she tries unsuccessfully not to blend in among her non-Slayer peers students.

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Buffy wears a cropped baby-blue button-up and a burgundy-colored mini-skirt in the premiere episode. She is paired with black boots and knee-high boots. The casual school-girl look is achieved by the skirt and top. But the boots elevate the whole look to something more fashion-forward.

8 “School Hard”It’s been proven that Buffy can make even overalls look chic

The Season 2 episode features “School Hard,”Principal Snyder assigns Buffy the task of organizing a parent-teacher evening to save her from possible expulsion. Buffy must impress her nosy principal and protect her mother, classmates, and herself.

Buffy is dressed in a pink baby tee and overalls for her decorating duties. Although this episode introduces viewers to two of the show’s most extravagant stylists, Buffy’s casual attire reminds viewers of the show’s more laid-back moments.

7 Buffy in this Fantasy Wedding Dress by Vera Wang was A Dream

Episode 20 of the third season’s third season is available. “The Prom,”Buffy and her gang are ready for a night full of romance and debauchery amid the mysterious threat of Mayor Wilkins. “ascension.”The Scooby Gang is not a team that takes easy decisions.

Angel wakes up after a conversation with Joyce. In a somewhat prophetic dream, Buffy is able to burn in the sun instead. He then decides to dump Angel later in the episode. Vera Wang designed the dress used in the dream sequence. In 2002, she also designed Sarah Michelle Gellar’s wedding gown.

6 This Flashback Sight Buffy Serving Barbie In “Becoming: Part 1”

Buffy Summers, before she became the supernatural savior that fans know, was a popular SoCal valley girl, who wore all things girly, in-season, and dressed in all kinds of girly clothes. Angelus attempts summoning a powerful demon to destroy Sunnydale in the Season 2 finale. Meanwhile, stories from his personal life are told to the audience.

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Late in the episode, a starving Angel arrives in Los Angeles, and meets Buffy just as she is about to discover her destiny. Buffy is more vain than the current Slayer. She wears quaffed hair and a hot-pink jacket. However, it’s clear that her fashion sense was not lost.

5 Season Four’s premiere saw Buffy blossom into an adult

After the shocking and emotional conclusion to Season 3 and the Scooby Gangs high school years, the premiere of the fourth season is now. “The Freshman,”Buffy and Willow join UC Sunnydale’s freshman class. Follow Buffy. Buffy is not prepared for college, even though Willow is excited to continue her education.

Buffy was taken back to Sunnydale in her early days by the costume team. They styled her in a soft, floral garment as Buffy tries to lower her guard after starting college. The peasant neck floral she wears when she tours campus with Willow is a striking contrast to Willow’s brighter and more playful outfit.

4 Buffy’s Season One Looks Continually Fashion Forward

Buffy’s Nineteenth episode “The Puppet Show,” sees the Scooby Gang come into contact with a talking ventriloquist dummy à la Goosebumps While trying to investigate a series on campus of organ thefts, Sid was harmed. Surprise! Sid, the puppet that Morgan is nervously keeping track of, is actually a member of a demon hunting society that curses him to assume the form of a dummy.

Buffy wears a leather jacket and a short leopard print dress with black boots. This is in the middle of the terrifying talent show at Sunnydale high. Buffy can kill demons with this look or join Liz Phair on stage.

3 Buffy Serves Bride Of Chucky Realness “Prophecy Girl”

Buffy prepares to face the Master in the finale of the first season, despite Giles’ prophecy that she would die at the Hellmouth’s opening. Buffy tries to stop the Master’s horde vampires and take over Sunnydale, fulfilling the prophecy.

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Buffy, dressed in an elegant white dress with a leather jacket when she first meets the Master, drowns.

2 Buffy Was The Queen Of The 90s Trenchcoat

Another iconic look by “Becoming,”Buffy’s blue trench coat reveals a more mature side to the Slayer. Buffy is known for her mature fashion choices. She has a love for the off duty model look and her many trench coats have been a staple in her style over the years.

Buffy’s final two-part finale fashion is largely symbolic for her transformation as a Slayer, and her acceptance of her grim fate. Before, the Slayer wore a trench coat. The MatrixShe made them look cool again, proving how ahead of her time.

1 Sunnydale’s Fashionable Slayer Buffy Isn’t the Only One

Fans were introduced to Slayer Faith players by Bring It On Season 3 Episode: Eliza Dushku “Faith, Hope & Trick.”Sunnydale High’s other Slayer quickly wins over Buffy and everyone else, until they grow closer and then fall out over Faith’s questionable ethics.

Buffy’s explosive and edgy style was evident in the Slayers’ fallout. The finale of the third season saw the final confrontation between the Slayers. “Graduation Day,”Faith and Buffy meet in leathery outfits. Faith is wearing her iconic red leather trousers and black leather jacket.

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