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Baguette Bag Outfits, How To Style It With Your Fashion!

Baguette Bag Outfits, How To Style It With Your Fashion!

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Baguette bags have seen a strong revival in fashion. In the 2000s, baguette bags were a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Baguette bags have been a fashion favorite all over the globe, and history has proven it.

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Whether it was in the window of Barneys, our grandmother’s closet, or that iconic scene of Sex and the City, we all recall the first time we saw our first baguette bag. Carrie Bradshaw’s shout “it’s not a bag”You can still hear it. “It’s a Baguette!”exclaims the Narrator.

The baguette bag is characterized by its tiny form and tiny straps, envisioned to just be worn under the arm to emulate the effortlessly stylish manner of French women—we can try.

This year was all about the pandemic and taking extra precautions regarding our health. You needed to have masks, sanitizers (and wallets), keys, and little cosmetics purses. A shoulder bag is more practical than any other. Everything, even the aesthetics, is in the right place.

Celebrities, supermodels and fashionistas are often seen wearing shoulder bags with crop tops or denim, LBDs, and off the shoulder dresses. They never go out of fashion and add an elegant touch to any stylish ensemble.


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