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Argyle High School wins Lone Star Cup in record-breaking fashion – Cross Timbers Gazette | Southern Denton County | Flower Mound

Argyle High School wins Lone Star Cup in record-breaking fashion - Cross Timbers Gazette | Southern Denton County | Flower Mound

Friday’s announcement by Argyle ISD stated that Argyle High School has been named the University Interscholastic League Lone Star Cup State 4A champion for the 2021-2022 school years.

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The Eagles won this year’s championship in record-breaking fashion. Argyle won the championship with a state-record 168 point score, the most points in the award’s history (all classifications), since 1997-1998.

This also marked Argyle’s 12th overall award, second only to Highland Park which won its 13th title this year in Class 5A. The Eagles will be moving up to Class 5A in the 2022-2023 school season, and Argyle’s state-record streak will include 10 consecutive Lone Star Cup title wins.

“Winning the Lone Star Cup is such a huge accomplishment for Argyle High School,”Telena Wright, Argyle Superintendent of ISD. “Endless hours and a monumental amount of effort by students, teachers, coaches, directors, and parents have gone into this achievement. I am so very proud of their winning a 12th Lone Star Cup for AISD.”

The Lone Star Cup honors the highest performing high school in each of six classifications, based on overall academic, athletic and fine arts results.

Celina was second behind Argyle, scoring 101 points. Canyon was third with 91. Argyle’s 168 points topped the previous point total record held by Carroll with 150 in 2001-2002.

Argyle was awarded team state championships in Marching band, Academics, and Boys & girls Golf. The Eagles also had state runner-up finishes in Spirit and Boys Track, Team Tennis (Boys Cross Country), Baseball, and Team Tennis (Team Tennis, Boys Cross Country, and Spirit).

The Eagles were also regional finalist in Girls Soccer, Volleyball and Softball. Each Argyle team qualified for the playoffs, and were combined for 13 district championships.



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Lone Star Cup points will be awarded in Team Tennis and Cross Country as well as Volleyball, Robotics BEST, Football and Wrestling.

“It truly takes the combined efforts of everyone in our school and community to make this a reality,”John King, AHS Principal. “Breaking the state record for Lone Star Cup points in one school year was a goal that we have worked to achieve for many years. I am so proud of everyone that played a part in making this goal a reality for Argyle High School.”

Each school that wins receives $1,000 scholarship. The fall will be the time for trophy presentations.

“I am very appreciative of the dedication and hard work of all of our athletes, coaches and staff for this to happen,”Todd Rodgers, Argyle ISD’s Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, said. “Excellence is an expectation in Argyle ISD and every varsity athlete in our entire program contributed to the winning of the Lone Star Cup.”

The Argyle Orchestra won its 8th State Championship this year, making it the most decorated and well-known band in the state, regardless of its classification.

“The Argyle Band community is honored to be a part of this historic accomplishment,”Jason Bird, AHS Band Director, said. “Argyle is a special place.”

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