Anyone Can Shop Couture at Dior’s Paris Flagship—Very Few Get to Spend the Night

Anyone Can Shop Couture at Dior's Paris Flagship—Very Few Get to Spend the Night

Coco Chanel set up her coromandel screens on 31 Rue Cambon, Yves Saint Laurent occupied 5 Avenue Marceau, while Christian Dior was forever bound to 30 Avenue Montaigne. The debonair aesthete had already chosen his headquarters before he founded his couture house in 1946. Dior, while strolling through the 8thArrondissement in company with a friend, discovered the building and declared that he would make it his home. “nowhere else”Would do.

That he did, turning the 19th-century hôtel particulier—built in 1865 for the widow of Count Alexandre Colonna-Walewski, an illegitimate son of Napoleon—into a neoclassical temple of silk faille and tulle. These salons were where Dior would unveil his famous New Look in February 1947. He continued to charm editors and A-listers for ten years.

Monsieur Dior was as much a gardener, perfumer, gallerist, and chef as he was a designer. It is safe to say that he would have been very pleased with the current state his beloved HQ. Fresh off a two-year renovation by Peter Marino, the maison has become an exuberant 100,000-square-foot homage to its founder’s favorite pursuits. The whole Dior universe, from fragrance to couture, is now joined by a restaurant and pâtisserie helmed by chef du jour Jean Imbert, three gardens, and an exhibition space, the largest devoted to fashion in Paris.

dior la suite paris

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A box set of mini Saddle bags, like La Suite Dior, are both exclusive to the brand’s redesigned flagship in Paris. DIOR30 MONTAIGNE MICRO SADDLE TUNK, DIOR PARIS 011-33-01-57996-1947

Valentin Abad

The true pièce de résistance is La Suite Dior, a 1,500-square-foot sanctuary currently reserved for the most loyal (read: highest spending) clientele. With it come the keys to an overnight pleasure palace—Eloise’s Plaza, but make it fashion. You feel like trying haute joaillerie before you go to bed? Done. Are you hungry for truffle fries at 4 a.m. A chef is available 24/7. If you’re already an established patron, simply call your sales associate to book. We recommend you build your Dior portfolio immediately.

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