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9 Recent K-Pop Comebacks That Are Bringing Back Y2K Fashion


Retro has been trending in K-pop for a while now, and the most recent throwback trend takes us to right around the year 2000, otherwise known as Y2K! This was a very unique time in fashion. There were lots of bright colors, bold pieces, and a futuristic vibe. It would be difficult for me to list all the Y2K fashion trends that are back. Think pink, shiny, tiny, pleated skirts, graphic tees. Kitsch accessories like beads bracelets and plastic rings. Beauty-wise, Y2K featured bright pastels, whimsical nail art, and hair styled with thick headbands, baby braids, and colorful clips.

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That’s a lot to keep track of, right? Take a look at our list of Y2K-inspired retreads for some bold and stylish examples!

1. “1/6” — Sunmi


Sunmi’s “1/6”Mini album is Y2K from its concept photos through to the music video of title track “You Can’t Sit With Us.”The diva in solo wears a variety Y2K outfits. From her stunning denim-ondenim (with flared bottoms), to her schoolgirl-inspired look with matching bandanas, to her dazzling denim-ondenim (with flared pants), to her sultry, sexy look. For her concept photos, Sunmi showcases a range of accessory trends from the turn of the century: kitsch rings and earrings; colorful, wide headbands; and bright, audacious nail art — see below!

All this fashion is complemented with throwback settings, from the DVD/VHS rental store that serves as the main stage of the MV, to Sunmi’s pink bedroom, complete with shaggy pink furniture and full of tech from way back when: an old desktop computer and corded and flip phones — all pink and bejeweled, of course.


Love isn’t the only thing ITZY are crazy about in “CRAZY IN LOVE,”Their first full-length album. The girls are also crazy on the Y2K style! They have almost every look in the MV of their title track! “LOCO” is Y2K-inspired, from the bright pink attire complete with various shiny and fuzzy textures (above left) to the crop tops, pleated skirts, wide-leg pants, and chunky boots (above right). The girls even dabble in the punk side of Y2K fashion in the MV’s final stage.

But “CRAZY IN LOVE” has more 2000s-era fashion to offer, as the b-side track “SWIPE”There are many bright accessories and tiny tops in fun colors and graphics. The Y2K winners here, though, are the group’s coordinated outfits with futuristic, shiny statement pieces:


3. “Windy” — (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon

(G)I-DLE’s fearless leader made her solo comeback with the mini album “Windy,” delivering not only a bop in the title track “BEAM BEAM,”but also a feast Y2K fashion. Soyeon paraded through this MV (and the track’s promotions) in miniskirts and miniature crop tops, outlandish boots, and translucent sunglasses with a smaller silhouette. She also leaned into the more punk trends of Y2K days, like in her edgier outfit with a jean maxi-skirt (above right).

Even her dance crew in the MV is full of Y2K!


4. “Weekend” — Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon brings back various retro looks in her digital single “Weekend,”However, the vibe is still distinctly late 90s/early2000s. Her main look of the MV — a pink sweatsuit with a Juicy shirt — is straight out of Y2K, as is her bandana and pink-toned shades. Tayeon also brings some 2000s tech into her concept, such as old Mac computers and a throwback Mp3 player. The Y2K vibe is highlighted by Tayeon’s bright pastel makeup and her body jewelry.


5. “The Feels” — TWICE

TWICE’s first English single is making waves, and the concept for “The Feels”The video is just as energetic and bright as the track! The fashion and the prom-themed music video are giving us nostalgic feels for sure, and the early 2000s elements are clear: pleated skirts and crop tops, pink and sparkles — not to mention those long, patterned gloves that Nayeon and Momo rock. The official lyric video for the track also draws inspiration from the Y2K vibe, with a retro computer theme (below right)!


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6. “ReviveR” — AleXa


AleXa goes all out on Y2K’s pink trend, even sporting a bold pink hair color for her “ReviveR” single album! Her concept is full of crop tops and tiny tees with fun graphics, as well as pants with a lower rise, denim, and a pleated miniskirt. To top it all off, the soloist accessorizes with hair clips and heart sunglasses — the “Xtra”This music video is filled with the best 2000s-era casual chic.

7. “DUMB DUMB” — Somi

The high school prom concept of Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” is given an extra boost of nostalgia with its early 2000s twist! In the album cover above, Somi sports the “space bun”Bright pink eyeshadow and a hairstyle with a bright pink color. There are many other Y2K trends like flare pants and face-framing bangs. The music video for the single is also full of nods to Y2K, like Somi’s beaded bracelets, pink nail art, and schoolgirl outfit:

8. “Play Game: Holiday” — Weeekly


Weeekly’s “Holiday Party” is the charming single off their recent mini album “Play Game: Holiday,” and the girls’ concept is both futuristic and retro at the same time — Y2K in a nutshell! They sport a tiny T-shirt look that is unlike any other, and fun, colorful graphics to match this throwback trend. The wide-legged jeans are another Y2K staple (top photo below), but Weeekly’s attention to detail is what completes their 2000s-inspired concept: their jewelry is playful and bright or rainbow-beaded, and their hairstyles include some of Y2K’s best, from face-framing bangs (below left) to space buns adorned with butterfly clips (below right).

9. “1+1=1” — HyunA and DAWN


Last but not least, HyunA and DAWN’s duet EP features Y2K taken to the extreme — as expected of this boundary-pushing power couple! Their concept showcases some the most bizarre fashion, and the music video for their title track. “PING PONG”This is a feast for your eyes. The Y2K influence is obvious in (above) HyunA’s denim dress and leg warmers, with stacked hair clips, as well as DAWN’s tight top, baggy pants, and bucket hat.

Year 2000 influence can also be found in many of the couple’s other outfits such as those below: HyunA’s flower-powered top (top photo) and cropped shirts (left), her pleated miniskirts (right), DAWN’s whimsical face art (bottom), and the couple’s many fabulous oversized shoes. And, of course, the colorful setting in which it is all packaged!

Honorable Mentions

These MVs offer subtler takes on the Y2K trends. “Second” by Hyoyeon (HYO) feat. BIBI “STEREOTYPE”STAYC “Zombie”By PURPLE KISS, and “mumumumuch”MAMAMOO!

How do you feel about the Y2K fashion trends? Which of these comebacks are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

hgordon stays up way too late on weeknights marathoning K-dramas and trying to keep up with the latest K-pop releases.

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