25 Best Winter Menswear & Fashion Brands

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Layering is key to great winter attire. Layering is key to great winter attire. These clothes are made with high-end technology and premium fabrics that are tailored for your needs to combat the cold. It seems that big-name brands are producing the best winter menswear. However, there are lesser-known brands who also make great winter gear. All you have to do is know what to watch out for.

Best Choice

Keep you deliciously warm in the icy days of winter, in great style!

Full Length Mink Fur Coat with Shawl Collar & Bracelet Cuffs (Demi Buff, XS)
Fully lined with silk/polyester blend lining
Hook & eye snap front closures
Made in Greece

Best Choice

39" Slick wool wrap coat with exaggerated collar and tie belt

Adjustable button closure
Body welt pockets
Fully lined with logo lining
special size type: standard
weave type: Woven

Best Choice

Mackage Women's Trish Mid-Length Down Coat with Fur Hood

Long down coat with Asiatic raccoon and rabbit fur on hood with asymmetrical zipper

Zip-front coat featuring fur-lined convertible hood and fleece-lined hand pockets
Leather trim on back waistband

A warm base layer with heat retention and moisture-wicking capabilities is ideal. But, if you’re looking for a looking base layer that feels super soft on the skin, consider flannel or an organic cotton long sleeve top. You should also consider outerwear with a wind- and water-resistant finish. Jackets with detachable Hoods offer versatility for all weather conditions. Winter clothing should be lightweight and well-insulated. High performance clothing should allow you to move easily.

George Kotsiopoulos was once Style Editor and Fashion Associate for The New York Times. “winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear”. This will ensure that your clothing is not only warm, but also looks great. Though it may feel like an endless task upgrading your winter apparel, it’s also an excellent opportunity for you to show off a range of pieces with so many outfits to mix and match.

We’ve rounded up which brands make the best winter menswear clothing, with designs promising to be protective and warm, while also being super stylish.



Smartwool was created by outdoor enthusiasts in 1994. They wanted to create clothing that inspires you to move and explore. Smartwool’s initial goal was to create socks that would make it easier to ski longer without getting your feet cold. Since then, they have remained industry leaders creating performance-enhancing clothing; and were even the first company to develop merino wool socks, revolutionising the ski and snowboard industry.
Smartwool’s winter collection will keep you warm and protected even in the coldest conditions. Many of its designs feature merino Wool, which is designed to keep the cold out for outdoor exploration. Smartwool’s clothing incorporates PhD Ultra Light technology to make movement easy.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Outerknown2/25


Kelly Slater, a surfing legend, and John Moore, the creative director, set out to create a sustainable lifestyle brand that uses ethically sourced sportswear. They are committed to helping athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and protecting the environment. Outerknown is a brand that is redefining sustainable clothing. They are putting fast fashion to shame. This brand sources responsibly without compromising on quality.
Outerknown offers a wide range of sustainable pants, sweaters, jumpers and trousers that will upgrade your wardrobe. Outerknown offers a range of organic cotton winter shirts. They are super soft and cosy. The company also makes clothes from Econyl, which is a fishnet that has been transformed into endless regenerative fibers.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Saturdays NYC3/25

Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC is located in the East Coast so you can be sure you’re in good hands for winter clothes. They are prepared to face the coldest temperatures. Saturday NYC is a global lifestyle brand that creates timeless, well-made pieces. And to think, the business was founded on a quiet street in SoHo just a few years ago.
Saturday NYC has some of your favorite winter jackets. You will find a variety of jackets including leather jackets, leather jackets and windbreakers. They also offer a selection of premium sweatpants, which are great for lounging in colder temperatures.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Aether4/25


Jonah Smith, Palmer West, and Jonah Smith founded Aether in 2009 after they noticed a gaping in the market for outdoor apparel. West and Smith were fed up with the poor quality equipment available for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts. They set out to create better quality products. Aether is not only great for outdoor and activewear but can also seamlessly blend into casual wear.
Aether makes their clothes from the most advanced fabrics available, which is ideal for cold weather. Aether is best known for their outerwear, which is highly insulated and includes extra padding. These coats are versatile and can be used all year round, with adjustable hoods, cuffs that adjust, sealed seams, and flexible materials.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Relwen5/25


Relwen makes the most durable, functional, and comfortable winter clothes. Relwen has the right designs for you if you are looking for something that does everything. Relwen, an American clothing brand, strives to create tough and durable clothes that will last a lifetime. Relwen is influenced largely by the fields, farms, and great lakes of Ohio, Michigan, so they are able to create warm and properly insulated clothing for cold weather.
Relwen’s winter line is very stylish. They are a combination of vintage hunting aesthetics and modern technology. Relwen makes the finest winter jumpers and knits. They have fine details like reinforced pockets, bar-tacked seam edges, triple-needle stitching, and reinforced pockets. These pieces provide durability and are great for layering. Relwen jackets, windbreakers, and vests are wind- and water-resistant.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Canada Goose6/25

Canada Goose

Canada Goose started a small warehouse that sold a variety of vests and raincoats. Canada Goose has been making luxury apparel since the late 50s. This brand produces high-quality outerwear, including a complete line of raincoats, vests, and parkas.
Canada Goose’s versatile jacket collection is lightweight and durable. It will keep you warm and dry even in the harshest conditions. Because it uses premium fabrics and materials, their filled down outerwear has exceptional quality. Their puffers come in many styles, colours, and sizes. They also have removable hoods and adjustable sleeves. For extra coverage, the parkas can be trimmed above the thigh and have articulated sleeves and underarm gauzes.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Icebreaker7/25


Jeremy Moon, a 24-year old, founded Icebreaker with the goal of creating the perfect clothing for the outdoors. Icebreaker was the first company to establish a long-term partnership with merino wool farmers, helping the business source their materials sustainably.
Icebreaker clothes are durable, soft, and warm thanks to their merino Wool insulation. Icebreaker offers a variety of fabric weights to ensure that you can wear them in all weather conditions. Their fabrics are also made from natural fibres, which is a departure from fast fashion.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Rossignol8/25


Rossignol was founded in the French Alps in 1907. They invented plastic skis and revolutionized winter and snow sports. Their clothing is stylish and features cutting-edge technology, making them a reliable brand that can withstand the coldest temperatures.
Rossignol is a leader in winter apparel, as their clothes are made of the best materials. Rossignol’s ski jackets and pants are among the most popular. They have been fully taped at all seams, which allows for maximum heat retention while keeping the cold out. Their ski jackets, pants and pants are waterproof and breathable, so you won’t get too sweaty while hiking up snowy mountains.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Arc'teryx9/25

Best Choice

Chilliwack Down Bomber Coat in black with stretch rib waistband and cuff, exterior pockets, adjustable tunnel hood

Shell: 50% polyester, 50% cotton
Two-way zipper closure


Arc’teryx was based on this idea “there is always a better way”. The brand builds the best winter apparel by focusing on this theme. The coastal mountains serve as inspiration and testing ground. Arc’teryx is the only clothing manufacturer to have its own manufacturing facilities. They treat their design centres as an engineering laboratory. Their designs are made with high-end technology and will keep you warm and dry throughout winter.
Arc’teryx’s collection of lightweight and breathable jackets, raincoats, puffers and jackets is highly breathable. You might also want to check out their gloves if you are looking for winter accessories that will enhance your winter wardrobe. Their gloves have insulated Gore-Tex gloves featuring PrimaLoft, which means your hands won’t feel the cold.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes prAna10/25


PrAna, another brand that is changing the industry’s working methods by creating sustainable designs, is also called prAna. This brand uses eco-friendly materials such as Global Organic Textile Standard cotton. This helps to reduce the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in retail production. Their clothes are not only durable, but also super warm and comfortable. They also have pants and long-sleeved tops made of super stretchy fabrics that allow you to move freely. Their winter range is optimized for functionality and high performance.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Columbia11/25


Paul Lamfrom founded Columbia in 1938. This company is a top global brand for outdoor clothing, and has incorporated innovative technologies in their backyard. Columbia is renowned for producing jackets that are warm and well-built, with high waterproof ratings.
Columbia has a wide range of winter outerwear options, including interchangeable shells and 3-in-1 raincoats. Columbia’s windbreakers are lightweight jackets that can be used as layering pieces. They come in sleek designs and come in multiple colors. If you are looking for something more durable, you can opt for one of their insulated or down jackets, which feature Omni Heat technology to keep you extremely warm.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes The North Face12/25

The North Face

Since 1966, the North Face has been the gold standard for top-quality gear. The brand is best-known for its puffer coats made of goose down fill. It’s extremely warm, compressible, and very comfortable.
North Face is a fashion-forward brand that is also sustainable. They manufacture winter apparel ethically and responsibly. North Face promotes animal welfare and ensures that animals are not subject to unnecessary harm such as live-plucking or force-feeding. You can support a brand that makes a difference by supporting their online store.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Kathmandu13/25


Kathmandu is a top-ranked brand for outdoor and lifestyle products. Kathmandu was founded in Aotearoa New Zealand over 30 years ago. Their vision was to create inspirational apparel for outdoor exploration and expedition. The business began with a fleece jacket but soon expanded to include winter clothing.
Kathmandu offers a wide range of comfortable, stylish and functional men’s winter jackets. Kathmandu’s long-length hiking pants have a soft lining at their waistband that makes you feel comfortable. You will also find jackets and vests made from all sorts of soft materials like fleece, merino cotton, cotton, down, polyester.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Flint & Tinder14/25

Flint & Tinder

Flint & Tinder, an American-made house line at Huckleberry, is American-crafted. Flint & Tinder is well-known for their exceptional winter clothing, particularly their outerwear. This provides warmth and protection from the cold. The brand’s rugged, yet refined designs are both functional and fashionable. If you are looking to upgrade your winter collection, check out their range.
Flint & Tinder has a variety of outerwear styles. From tucker jackets and parkas to waxed or quilted jackets, they have them all. You can go out for dinner on a cold night or stay active in the cold. They have a variety of options. These jackets are highly durable and breathable, so they will last a lifetime.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Todd Snyder15/25

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder founded his own brand, entitled Brand Snyder in 2011. He incorporated his love of New York into the designs. This brand transforms how men present themselves to the world by creating stylish, yet playful clothing.
Todd Snyder offers a wide range of winter menswear, including the finest sweaters. Many of their sweaters feature fine merino- and cashmere that feels amazing on the skin. These jumpers can be worn alone or layered with an overcoat.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Hugo Boss16/25

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a luxury fashion line headquartered in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Through their innovative and timeless designs, the company has been a leader in the industry for nearly a century. If you’re looking to find winter apparel that offers both style and protection, look no further.
Hugo Boss produces high quality winter clothing and also makes the best scarfs, gloves, and hats. Hugo Boss makes the finest Italian cashmere scarves, giving you a warm and luxurious feel. This scarf is a great finishing touch for your winter outfit as you head out the front door.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Marmot17/25


Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley, founders of Marmot, initially dabbled with design to avoid classes at U.C Santa Cruz. Reynolds and Huntley started making sleeping bags and parkas in their dorm room and soon launched their own brand. Marmot was the first to incorporate Goretex into its products. Marmot has a huge selection of Goretex jackets and pants.
Marmot’s designs are among the most warm in the industry. These pants are classic and minimalist, but they can be worn with any outfit because of their versatility. These pants are extremely lightweight and have a water-resistant finish. They are great for wearing in the rain or on the mountains.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Fjallraven18/25


Fjallraven has been producing the best outdoor clothing and equipment since 1960. Fjallraven was founded with one goal in mind: To make nature more accessible to all. The founder of Fjallraven, Ake Nordin, grew up hiking on the mountains of Västerbotten, where his love for the outdoors first began. Fjallraven makes the finest winter clothing and accessories, which are loved by outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Your winter game will be elevated by Fjallraven’s well-built jackets and trousers as well as their long-sleeve tops.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Mackage19/25


Eran Elfassy founded Mackage in 1999 after being inspired by his brother’s experience in the leather industry. Mackage is a well-known brand, known primarily for its high-quality outerwear. Elfassy’s mission when he started his business was to create jackets that were both fashionable and functional. These jackets are still functional and fashionable thanks to their exceptional membrane, which is both breathable and durable. Mackage winter jackets feature extra details like removable hoods, insulated pockets for hand warming and ventilation.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Mission Workshop20/25

Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop was founded in 1994 by Mark Falvai, Doug Hudson, and Doug Hudson. In its infancy, Mission Workshop was known as “Chrome”The mission of Mission Workshop was to create lifestyle-driven, technical cycling apparel and bags. Mission Workshop has expanded its product range to include all types of sportswear clothing and equipment. Their line is extremely well-tailored and made of high-performance fabrics. Flannels and button-down winter shirts are available from them in many styles and colors. These shirts are versatile and can be worn over a jacket or other winter garment.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes J. Crew21/25

J. Crew

J. Crew is one of the most recognizable clothing brands. They have a commitment to creating modern designs using advanced technology. Crew is a world leader in affordable, high-quality clothing. They have the best casual winter clothing on offer, made to look trendy and effortlessly cool. The range includes super soft sweaters as well as cardigans that are extremely durable in the cold. These jumpers can be paired with J. For winter style perfection, team these jumpers up with J. Also, J. Crew creates the most fashionable leather winter boot designs. These boots are perfect for formal and polished looks.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Banana Republic22/25

Banana Republic

Banana Republic was started in 1978 by two Californian creatives. They were passionate about the outdoors and had a passion for life. Its founders created clothing with a touch opulence to capture that youthful spirit. Their designs offer classic winter pieces with an updated twist.
There is an amazing selection of winter wear for men from stylish jackets, trousers to jeans to shirts, jumpers and loungewear. You can achieve a traditional, preppy look with their utility and chore jackets. They are 100% cotton and will last.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Orvis23/25


Orvis is a family owned company that offers fly fishing products, hunting and other sporting goods. Charles Orvis founded the company in Vermont in 1856. Orvis opened his first shop, selling fishing tackles. However, the Orvis Line soon expanded to include men’s sportswear. They sell everything, from long pants and vests to fleece jumpers and jackets. Orvis is essential for colder seasons. It is perfect for wearing while participating in winter sports.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Woolrich24/25


Woolrich was founded in 1830 by John Rich. “Original outdoor clothing company”Since over 190 years, this company has been producing high-quality outdoor clothing. Woolrich offers premium insulation, so they even provided blankets and clothing for U.S. soldiers. Woolrich’s winter clothing is made from the best textiles so that it can withstand cold weather. Woolrich has the perfect winter collection for you if you are looking for soft, durable fabrics that feel great on the skin.

Dmarge best-mens-winter-clothes Allbirds25/25


Allbirds, an American-New Zealand company, is committed in creating eco-friendly footwear. This eco-friendly company was founded in 2016 and is well-known for its stylish and comfortable shoes made from only renewable and recycled materials.
Allbirds has recently branched out into apparel and now stocks a small range of men’s apparel made out of cosy, soft Merino wool. It is stylish and durable, but also warm and comfortable.

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