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2021 Men’s Fashion Trends To Try This Fall & Winter

2021’s Top Men’s Fashion Trends Are Looks Everyone Can Rock

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Scoping out new trends is my favorite way to ensure I’m always one step ahead of my other fashionista friends—and a great way to stand out is by borrowing from the boys. Yep, I’m talking about the top 2021 men’s fashion trends. You can rock them no matter what gender you identify. Fashion Month may divide collections into different categories. “Womenswear”And “Menswear,”Clothing is universal and can be worn in any gender.

That said, there are tons of men’s 2021 trends I’ve got my eye on to style this season, so I’m sharing the top looks below. What designers really elevated men’swear this fall and winter 2021. Let’s all give Prada and Fendi a round of applause, as they had two of my favorite shows of the season, inspiring some of the key trends on this list.

For outerwear, think everyday basics like bombers and stand-out statement-makers like colorful coats that come in every shade. Your basic black pea coat is gone! You can keep it neutral if you prefer, but at least go monochrome. Tonal dressing is in.

Other key trends worth noting are micro-bags, phone lanyards and other not-necessary but very-chic accessories, plus statement knits that send summer’s retro swirls packing in favor of a little more structure.

I could go on and on, but I’d rather show you than tell you. You can find the top five 2021 menswear styles that every man (gender and all) should try. It is worth a try.

Private Policy; Fendi/iMaxTree.

Tonal Layers

Monochrome dressing has become a popular trend in menswear. Private Poly stocks a wide range of all-black pieces and Fendi offers a selection of neutral shades.


STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends

Prada; Fendi/iMaxTree.

Coats with color

Prada and Fendi made it a point to show outerwear with a little more edge. Don’t shy away from pinks, yellows and blues!


STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends




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Giorgio Armani; Prada/iMaxTree.

Bomber Boys

Giorgio Armani and Prada have declared that bomber jackets are in again—and honestly, I love this look. It’s a perfect way to dress up an otherwise casual ensemble without breaking the bank on something you can’t get a lot of wear out of.


STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends

Balmain; Etro/iMaxTree.

Handy Dandy

Why not carry everything in your hands, or stash it in your pockets? According to Balmain and Etro, tech neck phone cases and lanyard style bags are the new mini-cessories men need to make the most of.


STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends

Comme Des Garcons; Missoni/iMaxTree.

Future Knit

Geometric knits were all the rage at Missoni and Comme Des Garcons, so if funky ’70s prints turned you off all summer, lean into a look that’s a little more rigid. You can only use this pattern! The sweaters should still be chunky and cozy.


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