2017 Ranking of the Best, Top Fashion Schools in the US

2017 Ranking of the Best, Top Fashion Schools in the US

2017 Future of Fashion runway show at FIT. Photo: Slaven Valasic/Getty Images FIT

Although fashion might seem intimidating to break into, it is an excellent place to start: college. The most influential figures in the industry were once right there where you are, trying to make an informed choice about where to study. 

From location to tuition to resources, there are a lot of factors to consider and compare — and not as much guidance available as there is for more “traditional”Study areas. We have been compiling rankings of the best fashion schools since 2010. These rankings are based on data and our extensive surveys. We’ll be publishing two lists this year: One will include the top 10 fashion schools in the US, while the other will include international universities.

These include not only fashion trade schools but also larger universities that offer reputable fashion programs. Some only offer undergraduate fashion programs, others offer graduate opportunities. Some offer only fashion design degrees, while others include specialized majors that range from merchandising and costume design. These pages provide more information. For a quick overview of our criteria, and the list itself, please continue reading. Stay tuned for our global list next week.

Annual tuition Although tuition is generally high at art and design schools, it can vary greatly and increase each year at many colleges. The college’s page will not show the cost of room and board or incidentals. Although tuition is not the most important category on our list, we did include it in our rankings because it is related to the cost of living within the area where the school is located.

Famous and successful alumni: Not only are we interested in recognizing the achievements of famous alumni, but we also recognize schools with high placement rates. A school that hasn’t yet produced a marquee name doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t good. Each one of these schools has placed students at major fashion houses, commercial labels, or other important fashion businesses. The talented support staff behind Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors is what makes everything run smoothly. It’s also a lucrative job that pays good money.

Feedback from students and alumni We interviewed thousands of students from the past and present about their experiences at each school. We also evaluated the quality and availability of business and practical training, as well as the resources, technology, social life, financial aid and career counseling.

Also, take note: We spend hours upon hours researching and reporting on these schools — each school name below links to a page detailing our findings. Although it is not scientifically based, the list is objective. Keep this in mind if you don’t see your favorite school here or disagree with the ranking your alma mater received.

1. Parsons School of Design, New York, USA

2. Fashion Institute of Technology (New York USA).

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3. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, USA

4. Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

5. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Los Angeles California, USA).

6. Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

7. Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia University).

8. Kent State University (Kent, Ohio, USA)

9. Moore College of Art & Design (Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, USA).

10. Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston Massachusetts, USA).

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