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13 Best Golf Shoes for Men in 2022: Stylish, Course-Ready Kicks from Nike, Adidas, New Balance and More


These are the top golf shoes for males. Golf style has made massive strides in recent years, but for decades, on-course gear mostly comprised old-school staples like giant-fit polos, pleated pants, plaid bucket hats, and saddle shoe-like spikes—clothes befitting the sport’s reputation for rigid traditionalism. But as kettlebell swings replaced post-round cigars for the game’s top athletes, the clothes they wore on the links got trimmer, stretchier, and sportier, leading to an entirely new wave of golf shoes that put comfort, performance—even cool factor!—above country club dress codes.

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And yet, even as the game’s swaggering new stars waged a subtle war against the sport’s stodgy sartorial mores, an interesting phenomenon was beginning to take shape among its younger fans. Instead of copying the pro’s poly-blend polos, a wave began to embrace a a “return to old” approach. A handful of next-generation enthusiasts led to classic-leaning sweater vests popping up in tee shops around the world. Ditto dress-y golf shoe options. The most important difference? These new shoes were inspired by their gym-inspired brethren in terms of performance. The result is a new breed in golf shoes that are so comfortable that Tiger Woods wore them for the first time since 1995. ‘em. So to help you reckon with the sport’s revamped look, we went deep on that exact pair—plus 11 more of the best golf shoes for men—below. It’s time to get your Tee Time.

The Best Golf Shoes, Period

Footjoy “Tarlow” golf shoes

FootJoy’s Tarlow is a unique golf shoe that FootJoy has created. It is a traditional-inspired, modern-day version of the Tarlow. These shoes will last year after year thanks to their ultra-soft calfskin design and full leather lining. (The outsole has replaceable spikes, which provides maximum grip in any sand or rough trap. Their old-school design is perfect for any type of fit, no matter whether you prefer the mesh-y, breathable polos of today, or the more traditional, all cotton styles of yesteryear. If they’re good for Tiger Woods, his surgically repaired, well… everything, then they should be good enough for you.

The Best Serious Golfer’s Shoe

Adidas Tour 360 22 golf shoes

Modern golfers need to have patience, practice, patience, and a shoe that delivers when it matters the most. The Tour 360 is Adidas’ 22nd most premium golf shoe. Adidas did not spare any expense. The solid uppers and leather lining will last for years, but the real star is the Three Stripes’ Boost midsole. The sole of this sneaker is as comfortable as any other Adidas, but without the spikes at the outsole.

The Best Sneakerhead-Approved golf shoe

Jordan 4 Retro golf shoes

It was only a matter if the casual golf style was on the rise, and it was only a matter for the sneaker culture to collide. And what a collision it was! Jordan brand decided not long ago to embrace the synthesis and reissue their most iconic silhouettes. “Bred” Air Jordan 4s that are almost identical to the ones you already own—or still lust after. These shoes are the perfect example of the youthful energy and enthusiasm that the younger generation brings to a sport that is often elitist and stuffy.

The Best Spikeless Golf Shoe

Nike Air Max 90 G golf shoes

Nike’s iconic Air Max 90—onetime running shoe turned streetwear staple—gets the golf treatment while holding fast to all the things we’ve loved about it for over 30 years. You’ll love the wedge-shaped shape, the visible Air unit, the stylish swoosh and the course-ready silhouette. They are also waterproof for when you need to take a shot on the pond. You don’t need to click-clack through crowded parking lots again with soft spikes.

The Most Comfortable and Best Golf Shoe

Puma Original G golf shoes


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These are inspired by classic Puma shoes like the Clyde. Their ultra-simple styling means you won’t look goofy sipping on some post-game cocktails in the clubhouse, and—better yet—you don’t have to change your kicks before and after rounds. Trust us: This is important for perennially late course-arrivers. All-leather uppers are waterproof, but it is up to you how you handle the sweat-inducing pressure that comes with your next prize-winning putt.

Plus 8 Other Golf Shoes We Love

New Balance “Striker” golf shoes

New Balance’s legendary comfort, the main reason pop-pop has stayed with them for so many years, is found in the clutch when you slip into a pair its golf shoes. These running shoes-inspired versions are subtle nods to the classic look of a saddle shoe, but they don’t seem too ostentatious.

Asics Gel-Course glide golf shoes

Asics is a surprising fashion favorite, and their golf shoes bring a welcome touch of Y2K style to your links.

G/Fore “Gallivanter” golf shoes

These minimal, derby-inspired, kicks have a minimalist styling, but don’t let that fool you. They come with grippy soles to keep your feet in line on awkward lies and big, drivable, Par 4 swings.

Adidas Matchcourse golf shoes

For the golfer who does it all “leisure activity”It is important to take the mandate seriously

Footjoy FJ Originals shoes for golf

FootJoy’s slightly more affordable, but still afforable option features classic spectator shoe color blocking.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes

The first Nike golf shoes to feature a last inspired from Nike’s running styles are a favorite among Brooks Koepka (PGA Tour resident sneaker-lover), so you know they’re the best. These shoes boast the same lightweight uppers that you’d find in your best gym shoes but with added stability at your heel and toe to maximize your driving distance.

Ecco S-Three golf shoes

Modern, clean-cut, and well-equipped for golf.

Under Armour UA HOVR Trail spikeless golf shoes

Under Armour’s knit tops provide socks-like comfort, no matter how many holes are played.

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