120 Times People Experienced The Most Unfortunate Fails And Just Had To Take A Photo (New Pics)

120 Times People Experienced The Most Unfortunate Fails And Just Had To Take A Photo (New Pics)

You wake up disoriented and realize your phone is dead. It’s 10am and you were supposed to be at work an hour ago, but your alarm clock is trapped in your phone that desperately needs to be charged. You race out of the house to discover that your car has a flat. You need to call your boss, but your phone is still dead and you can’t even call a taxi without it. And when it seems like things can’t get any worse, you rush back up to your apartment to find that you’ve locked yourself out.

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Did you find that paragraph stressful? Sorry, take some deep breaths. It’s not your reality! It’s a common feeling to have a bad day. It’s like a storm cloud is hovering over us that we just can’t seem to shake because when it rains, it pours. These terrible days can often be turned into funny stories that we can share with our friends once the day is over. So to laugh along with (okay, and a little bit at) some people who have shared their worst fails and bad days online, we’ve gathered some photos of these horrible experiences down below for you.

Relax, take a deep breath, and be grateful that your day isn’t as bad as these photos. Then if you’d like to check out even more hilarious fails that have been featured on Bored Panda, you can find our last articles on the same topic here and here.

Bad days are something we all have to deal with. You can have bad days for many reasons. This list features the bad days that don’t have life-altering effects but that do make for a great story later down the line. This list contains some of the most hilarious examples of bad luck that people have ever seen.

These photos made me wonder if some people are more lucky than others or if everyone has good and bad days. Although perception is a factor in deciding whether a day is positive or negative, it can also influence how we view a day. But what about things that are out of our control? Are some people just unlucky?

Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor at the University of Hartfordshire in the United Kingdom, studies the importance that luck plays in our lives. He began by looking at the difference between people who considered themselves lucky and those who identified as unlucky, and he found that the ‘lucky’ individuals were much more likely to be extroverted. They smiled twice and made more eye contact with the lucky people than the unlucky. Wiseman believes their social skills help them find luck because they are more likely to meet new people, make connections with others, and maintain relationships.

The unlucky were more likely than those who are neurotic to be unhappy. Anxiety is a way to focus on one task, but it can also lead to blinders that can prevent us from seeing other opportunities. Unlucky people can be so busy worrying about one thing that they are oblivious to other opportunities passing by or miss details that could have helped them become ‘luckier’. Lucky people are more open-minded, willing to try new things and be open to new experiences.  

Wiseman also observed that lucky people were more aware of the world than unlucky ones. One experiment he conducted was to give participants a newspaper and ask them to count the number photographs. The exercise took two minutes for the unlucky, while the rest took only seconds.

That is because on the second page, there was a message that read: “Stop counting. There are 43 photographs in this newspaper.” The unlucky people often did not catch the message and continued to count the images because they were too focused to notice anything else. These ‘unlucky blinders,’ who knows what these people missed out on in their daily lives?

Wiseman found that people who are lucky are more optimistic. They have higher expectations and are more likely not to give up. While they may not have the best experiences, those who are unlucky are more likely to dwell upon the negatives.

Positive people might not necessarily attract good luck, but if they believe they have good luck, they are not going to be phased by a bad day here and there. They can ignore it, post a funny picture online, and continue their day. Of course, there are always extreme circumstances where a bad day is completely out of our control or societal issues prevent certain people from even having a chance at ‘good luck’, but we can’t deny that keeping a positive attitude is always preferable.  

Wiseman is also an expert in helping people break their bad luck streaks and turn their luck around by enrolling in “luck school”. After one month of classes, 80% of Wiseman’s students reported feeling happier, more satisfied with their lives, and yes, luckier. Students from luck school used the following basic methods: being open-minded, being more observant and looking for the positive in every situation. They also tried to make their lives easier by breaking up their routines. So if you’re feeling unlucky the next time you have a bad day (a regular bad day, not a life-altering one!), don’t fall down into the dumps. If nothing else, you can remember that sharing a funny photo of your bad day online can help others smile, and that’s a bright side to your situation right there.

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If you’re having a bad day, and you’re looking for something to turn that frown upside down, there are plenty of ways to go about it. For example, getting in touch nature can be a great way for you to lift your spirits. You can unwind by getting some fresh air, sunshine, yoga in a park or swimming in a lake. Turn off your phone or leave it at home and let your mind wander to the things that are causing you stress. If you need to hear music to distract from the negative thoughts, I recommend playing your favorite bops.   

It can also help to put all of your negative energy onto paper or to someone you care about. Perhaps you need to call your friend and vent about the day. Then, it’s time to move on. The worst thing is to let your emotions fester. It can be a burden on your shoulders to let go of them. Journaling is a great way to relax. It is very grounding to put my thoughts and feelings on paper when I feel stressed or like my world is spinning out of control. I realize how out of control I was creating a situation in my head and can express gratitude for the good things. My life isn’t a tragedy, no matter how much my brain tries to convince it. I feel much better when the facts are acknowledged. 

Sometimes, a bad day can easily be fixed by treating yourself. Do something that you absolutely love, whether it’s watching your favorite guilty pleasure movie, cooking up your favorite comfort food meal, or grabbing ice cream from the shop that you always think about going into when you pass by. It’s amazing how little things can make a big difference. If you find that buying flowers at the market or taking a relaxing bath will help you feel better, I support it. We don’t all have the time to practice self-care every single day, but especially when we are more stressed than usual, we have to prioritize finding small ways to squeeze in moments of joy.   

You can also find something that makes you smile or laugh and turn around a bad day. Talk to your best friend, watch a comedy film, go to a stand-up show, or browse through the funny articles on Bored Panda. It can be easy to go the whole day feeling stressed, angry or disappointed when you’re having a bad day, but not everything has to be colored by the failures of the day. Make sure you smile a little bit, and don’t be too hard on yourself. You deserve to enjoy some moments of every single day, even if you are in the hospital with two broken wrists from a roller-blading accident…

We hope these fails and unfortunate examples of bad days are bringing a smile to your face. Even though they were upsetting at the time, I’m glad that these individuals were able to laugh them off later and share their pain online. Remember that we all experience bad luck and bad days at times, so if you need to feel less alone, you can always consult this list and be glad you’re day was not this bad. Keep upvoting the pics that you feel the most sympathy for, and then let us know in the comments what your worst ‘comically bad day’ was. I wonder if any of your pandas have bad day stories that are better than the ones on this list.

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She did this to prevent the laptop from being stolen while they were on vacation.

LosMyUit_asb Report

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This is what you get when you rent a truck and don’t read the height restriction

TheJaphyRyder Report

Let Someone Borrow My Truck, This Is How It Was Returned 0) { description = $(‘meta[property=’og:description’]’).attr(‘content’); } window.open(‘https://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?display=popup&
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Very dirty and random wire coming from the dash going to nothing, scarred up hood (sun fade was already there), before vs. after the bent exhaust, broken dash, and check engine light on.

Dalejrfan5150 Report

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 No injuries. Still watering down the hotspots tonight

chrisell Report

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