11 Australian creatives show us how to style low rise pants

11 Australian creatives show us how to style low rise pants

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I know, I know, it’s a scary prospect for most of us, but there’s really nothing to fear. Do not be afraid to ask for help. pants may start a little lower doesn’t mean you have to show off anything you’re not comfortable with. Although this trend may not have been for everyone the first time ’round, this time, we’re taking the reins and doing low rise our way. Hugely hesitant to jump back on the trend myself initially, I’m now a huge supporter. 

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My favourite pinstripe high rise pants are worn with a cute tee, mesh short sleeve or shirt almost everywhere, every single day. The trick, I’ve found, is to size up and go for the comfy oversized look instead of a pair that will cut your lower stomach in half. Here’s how our favourite creatives do the low rise, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to join in on all this fun too. 

Madison Finn, hairdresser  

Low rise pants are sexy because they sit on the hips and highlight the body. It’s fun with oversized trackie pants and a crop top, or baggy boyfriend jeans and a shirt tied up at the front. There are many cool ways to style low-rise pants. 

Here, I’m wearing a pair of green Saks Potts pants that sit low on your hips, and I have my G-string peeking through to incorporate a fun contrast of colour that also matches my pink crop top. For an extra splash of fun, I love my sexy undies peeking through my low-rise pants in an opposing colour.


Trinity, model, and makeup artist Foxxy SstudioCreativity and creativity

These jeans are a favorite of mine. The waistline has been trimmed so that they sit perfectly on your hips. The one I’m wearing is [a]I made this outfit with a high-cut G string in cheetah fur print fur last week. 

The jeans are my mother’s from the ’90s, so it seemed fitting to pair them with my vintage Baby Phat boob tube that allows you to sinch the waist on the sides. I’ve been in love with fur lately and recently made these lavender cheetah print leg warmers and I thought the colour would match perfectly with the pants without being too much. I was looking for something different. [a]You can choose a brown or dark bag to tie it all together. 

I like to draw attention my waistline when I have it out. So I picked a necklace with multiple chains and some pearls to give it depth and character. I like that it’s a belt and sexy. To add my perfect finishing touches I’m wearing a gold vintage Juicy Couture charm bracelet and vintage Juicy Couture gold Pomeranian chain [and]My diamond tennis bracelet [something]Simple but striking, with a sun-kissed bronzed look!


Hakika Lateef, online fashion creator 

I did once say long ago… low rise will never get me, but here I am. The ’00s low rise resurgence happening right now has me in a grip especially when it comes to cargo pants – could it be the strong desire to cling onto a romanticised ’00s nostalgia post-pandemic? Or could it be a 20-year fashion cycle. Who knows? 

Urban Outfitters are my favorite. ‘Y2K low rise pant’ – an absolute staple. They’ve become my ultimate go-to pant because you really can just pair them with anything [they’re]Simple, but cute. What do you think of a baby tee, blazer, or hat? I’m in love! They are my go-to for running errands and when I’m out with friends to eat. I think dressing them up was a matter of adding the blazer. [it]Streetwear can be dressed up with a little chic flair.


Laura-Mae Will DJ, co-owner Lucky Tooth GemsFashion student

Paris Hilton, our saviour, really walked so that we could embrace the low-rise pants trend. Low rise pants are versatile and can be worn up or down, which is why I love them! These pinstripe Face Off flared pants are my favorite because they show off a little of my midriff. These pants look great with a cute tank or cute going-out top.

I love that low-rise pants can also be worn casually like a good baggy pair. vintage Levi’sYou can choose from a crop, parachut-style cargo pair with a baby shirt or tight fitted trousers with a tee. 

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Wayan Preston, creative, designer, and model

I love wearing low rise because it’s a shift from the chokehold that high-waisted pants had on me for so long. Don’t get me wrong, high-waisted still showcases throughout my looks but I love wearing low rise at the moment because I can wear it with longer tops and you can still catch a little bit of skin. 

I’m into low rise pants that create a loose-fitting shape from top to bottom as I think it gives a bit more of an edgier look. Low-rise pants give off a little more of a carefree energy, it’s fun and I’m excited to see more designers doing their own take on it. In this picture, I’m wearing some loose-fitting military-style snow pants, these are great for Brisbane summer as they are cool to wear! 


Sabina McKenna, writer. Model. Curator.

Low rise pants were never something I expected to see a return, but they have and I love them! These Emma Mullholland Holiday Snakeskin pants are my favourite pair. They look great with any outfit, but I love styling them with a button down top or a cropped singlet for a more midriff moment.


Hansika, designer for docGIRLModel

For the longest time, low rise pants have been my favorite style. People will definitely find me wearing anything low rise – it’s one of those styles that I hope won’t leave fashion and will always be a part of my wardrobe. 

Personally, to me, it’s super beautiful because it reveals our bodies in their truest form and I love that it encourages body positivity. Here’s one way I would style low rise pants: paired with tight fitted off-the-shoulder tops and Gucci shades, with doc Martens. 


Zali Ghelardini is a model and creative

Low waist pants can be worn with confidence. I love pairing a baggy low waist pant and a fitted top with it. I’ve styled these baggy tan cargo pants with a fitted one hook long sleeve top, vintage Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, Louis Vuitton handbag and mocha Jordan ones.

If I’m ever struggling to find something to wear, I always seem to come back to brown tones whether they are light or dark tones and an outfit that colour coordinates. I feel like you can never go wrong with an outfit like this, it’s great for day and night and I would highly recommend it!


Emaan Alamgir, online creator

These are my favorite low rise pants. They are a simple and affordable pair from H&M. I love low rise pants like this because they’re so easy to style! In this pic, it was a little chilly so I paired them with an all-black outfit – [a]Black baby tee and oversized jacket. 

I finished it off by adding cute accessories like my Acne scarf to add some colour, my white Coach shoulderbag and my Naked Copenhagen N Balances. It’s one of the most comfortable, cute and easy outfits I own!


Bella De Almeida Reis, marketing coordinator 

I honestly don’t reach for low rise pants usually, but as I’m gravitating a lot towards ’90s/early ’00s fashion recently, I find they offer a fun edge to my outfits: the cheeky midriff, plus the long length cut… I adore. 

I love styling these black pants with an oversized shirt like this pink one. It adds a pop of colour to the outfit and gives it an off-duty feel. And I’m utterly obsessed with my green checkerboard bag and New Balance sneakers, so I’ll always work them into any outfit.


Ella Borg is a designer and visual artist

So my love for these pants developed when I wore them for Emily Watson‘s grad show in 2019. They have been a very important piece of my life and I bought them from her a few more years later. 

I love a good exaggerated pant paired with a tight cropped tee – she’s a classic combo that can’t be faulted. I’m wearing a children’s rash vest with these crazy Asics. Both were purchased at op shops. I wanted to recreate the feeling of finishing swimming lessons, and then grabbing a Slurpee as I walked home. 


Head to the following website for more proof that low-rise pants are back in fashion. here.

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