10 Killer Outfits Worn by Villanelle

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In “God, I’m Tired,” the Season 1 finale episode of BBC America’s Killing EveThe title Eve (Sandra OhVillanelle (Jodie Comer): “I have lost two jobs, a husband, and a best friend because of you,”Villanelle responds, “Yeah, but you got some really nice clothes out of it, so…”Villanelle’s exemplary skills as a assassin are unquestionable, but one thing is certain about her: she is always elegantly dressed

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Villanelle’s fashion has become synonymous with the series, elevating the character to the level of style icon. Rather than donning the basic latex catsuit favored by many hired killers, Villanelle’s wardrobe is meticulously chosen by the show’s costume designers – Phoebe De Gaye (Season 1), Charlotte Mitchell (Season 2 and Sam Perry (Seasons 3 and 4) – and accurately reflects her quirky-cum-psychopathic personality. We are able to see that our favorite assassin can fit into any social setting with outfits that range from the sublimely ridiculous to the absurd. It pays to look good. Committing horrible crimes.

Season 3, Episode 1 “Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey”

Killing Eve S01E01 Wedding tuxedo

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in her Comme des Garçons wedding tuxedo and Simone Rocha blouse

From a fashion standpoint, the series opener begins strongly with a marriage. The best time to dress up is during nuptials, especially if you’re the bride. Our antihero bride sports a tuxedo look because let’s face it, it would not be in character for Villanelle to wear an over-the-top white wedding gown. It’s a strong look that presages the androgynous outfits Villanelle wears throughout the series.

Dressing however she wants in keeping with her headstrong, non-conformist take on life, Villanelle wears a form-fitting black Comme des Garçons tailcoat and sheer Simone Rocha blouse. She accents her look with a black cloth flower pinched to her lapel.


Season 1, Episode 2 “I’ll Deal with Him Later”


Villanelle (Jodie) is about to attend a mental evaluation wearing a Molly Goddard rose gown and Balenciaga combat shoes.

This look is classic Villanelle, and it is the one that Killing Eve fans will remember most. The gown, a bubblegum-pink tulle gown designed by Molly Goddard in London, is the epitome femininity. It begs the question: who wouldn’t wear a dress like this to a psychiatric evaluation?

Never one to play by fashion – or any other – rules, Villanelle pairs it with black combat-style Balenciaga leather boots, intent on showing us that her version of femininity is gritty and grounded, that she is not afraid to get tough as the need arises.

Season 1, Episode 3 “Don’t I Know You?”

Killing Eve S01E03 Dries Van Noten pantsuit

Villanelle (Jodiecomer) wears a bold Dries van Noten pantsuit and prepares for a fight with Eve (Sandra Oh), and Bill (David Haig).

Villanelle, wearing a bold Dries van Noten black brocade-printed pantsuit with a Dries Van Noen print, lures Eve and Bill Pargrave, her boss and best friend.David HaigTo Berlin. Bill follows Villanelle into a nightclub, where Villanelle murders him in front of Eve’s eyes.

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The pantsuit is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment and Villanelle is certainly flexing her muscles – both physical and sartorially – in the nightclub scene. Her cool sophistication in her outfit mirrors her cool demeanour as she masterfully dispatches Bill to Eve’s horror.

Season 2, Episode 1 “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?”

Killing Eve S02E01 pajamas

Villanelle (Jodiecomer) snatchs a pair boys’ pajamas in order to escape from a Paris hospital

Villanelle might be on the run after being stabbed by Eve at the end of Season 1, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing an outfit that is iconic. To facilitate her escape from a Paris hospital, Villanelle swipes a pair of boys’ pajamas from a fellow inpatient. The pajamas were originally made of cotton. supposed to be Spider-Man themedBut, because of the risks associated with wearing branded clothing, Charlotte Mitchell, costume designer, opted for an alternative ensemble: pop art-inspired jammies that have a comic book feel.

Even though she’s wearing children’s sleepwear and is forced – horror of horrors – to wear a pair of Crocs, Villanelle still manages to make a fashion statement. Comer stated in a 2019 interview with Los Angeles Times that of all the looks in the series she preferred, this one was her favorite.

Season 2, Episode 5 “Smell Ya Later”

Killing Eve S02E05 Alexander McQueen black dress

Villanelle (Jodiecomer) is somber and melodramatic. She is hired by Eve (Sandra Oh), to perform a hit on… Eve.

This Alexander McQueen couture piece, a vintage high-necked net-sleeved Alexander McQueen couture piece, is a stark contrast to the voluminous pink dress seen in Season 1. Villanelle to execute it (no pun intended).

It is modeled after a Victorian mourning dress and is high-melodrama, which Villanelle, as we know, is fond of. It also exposes some flesh – Villanelle’s chest and arms are visible through the netted sleeves – which fosters the burgeoning sexual tension that exists between her and Eve. The pièce de résistance is the sheer black polka dot veil.

Season 2, Episode 8 “You’re Mine”

Killing Eve S02E08 Lanvin red peplum

Villanelle (Jodiecomer) is wearing a blood-red Lanvin pantsuit, Gucci belt, and Villanelle (Jodie Coer) plays with the silhouette of her victims.

Any ensemble that is colored blood-red is bound to fit with Villanelle’s mindset (and her methods of killing). The Season 2 finale look consists of a Lanvin peplum top with matching, flared wool-crepe pants.

The look is completed with a Gucci belt that cinches the waist and features a jewel-encrusted buckle. Villanelle needs any luck? It’s not fashion.

Season 3, Episode 2 “Management Sucks”

Killing Eve S03E02 Blue floral dress

Villanelle’s (Jodie) relocation to Spain is reflected by her fashion change

Season 2 ended with Villanelle shooting Eve and leaving her for dead. Season 3 sees Villanelle settle in Spain and about to marry. In episode 2 she adopts a softer look, wearing a vivid blue floor-length puff-sleeved floral dress from the British brand, The Vampire’s Wife.

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A whimsical take on retro glamour, the outfit gets Season 3 off to a strong sartorial start by symbolizing Villanelle’s newfound freedom and her new role as mentor to the would-be assassin, Felix (Stefan Iancu). Proving that Villanelle can look good in literally anything, the episode also includes her dressing as a children’s party clown before concluding that management is not all it is cracked up to be (read: sometimes you need to kill your underlings).

Season 3, Episode 3 “Meetings have Biscuits”

Killing Eve S03E03 Men's suit

Drab London calls for a similar-colored outfit. However, Villanelle (Jodie Cooper) can still have some fun.

Villanelle’s return to drab London sees her don a matching outfit, proving that she can successfully pull off an androgynous look. She wears this ensemble – a Chalayan men’s suit over a simple white t-shirt, leather oxfords from Proenza Schouler – when she confronts Eve on a bus. That scene, the one that ends with Villanelle & Eve share a passionate kiss.

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The outfit is representative of Villanelle’s arrogance and her desire to exert control, especially over Eve. Villanelle had a perfumer create a scent that made her feel powerful before she met Eve. With her hair pulled back into a loose bun and channeling masculine energy, the suit strengthens Villanelle’s struggle for power over Eve.

Season 3, Episode 5 “Are You from Pinner?”

Killing Eve S03E05 Geometric top and zip skirt

Villanelle (Jodie Komer) opts for a more practical, understated style when she hangs out with locals in her hometown.

Villanelle returns home to Russia to see the family she thought was dead. She adopts a more practical, laid-back fashion approach and proves she can do understated just like she can do overstated.

Locals are no longer looking for dresses and pantsuits when interacting with them. Instead, they prefer a muted but still designer label, geometric-print Paco Rabanne top and Sacai zipper skirt. Villanelle again shows that she is able to blend in with others, adapting her fashion choices for any situation.

Season 3, Episode 7 “Beautiful Monster”

Killing Eve S03E07 Green golfing outfit

Villanelle (Jodie Komer) – The ‘beautiful beast’ – takes a walk on the golf course

Villanelle creates another fashion moment with this tartan-clad fluffy white. ‘beautiful monster’ of the episode’s title. This is the episode where Villanelle and Dasha, her mentor, are (Harriet Walter), hit the links in Scotland and, as is often the case where Villanelle is concerned, bloodshed ensues.

Her extraordinary golfing outfit is a reflection of her mind. Villanelle looks great while swinging a club, whether it is to score a birdie and assault her mentor with the Gucci trousers and Charlotte Knowles jacket.

Honorable Mention: Villanelle Jesus

Killing Eve S04E01 Villanelle Jesus

Villanelle’s (Jodie) gold boot-wearing spiritual coach deserves a special mention

No list of Villanelle’s best outfits would be complete without giving a special shout-out to Villanelle Jesus, who appeared at the end of Season 4’s first episode, “Just Dunk Me”.

While, technically, Villanelle’s Jesus (of course made in her image) is a figment of the killer’s newly religion-obsessed imagination, credit must be given to the gold knee-high boot-wearing guide to her salvation. A nod to her ‘god complex’Villanelle, dressed as Jesus, is equal parts genius and weird.

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