10 Best Lil Wayne Outfits & Memorable Style Moments of All Time

10 Best Lil Wayne Outfits & Memorable Style Moments of All Time

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“It’s Weezy F. Baby, the F is for fresh.” Today is Weezy’s birthday, and that means it’s an ample opportunity to dissect some of the rapper’s greatest fits over the years. Even back in the days when Lil Wayne wore oversized white T shirts and bandanas while he was a member of Hot Boyz, he managed to maintain his unique style. Lil Wayne has always had an eclectic taste in fashion, whether it was arguing with Pusha T or Pharrell about who made BAPE the most popular or wearing brightly-colored leggings with Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton belts and animal print leggings, He was sometimes seen wearing designer clothes and iced out chains, looking like the sexiest rapper. Other times, he looked more like a lost teenager that walked out of a Zumiez store wondering if wearing shopping mall skate brands would magically make him a better skateboarder—to Lil Wayne’s credit he got somewhat nice at skating. You can still see Weezy soaring high and wearing some of today’s most bizarre outfits. His style is distinctively his. To celebrate his birthday, check out some of the best outfits he’s worn throughout his career below.

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