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10 Anime With Frequent Outfit Changes


When it comes to anime, a character’s appearance is very important. Characters that are most memorable are easily identified by their silhouettes. This is why most characters don’t change their outfits often. After all, Naruto wouldn’t be Naruto without his iconic orange jumpsuit.

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However, it is possible for anime characters, especially if they are focused on fashion, to wear different outfits throughout the series. Manga artists may love changing the outfits of their characters, and this is a way to express their fashion creativity.

10Fairy Tail Guild Offers The Right Outfit for Any Occasion (Fairy Tail).

Fairy Tail cast

Fairy Tail characters may have a standard outfit they revert back to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to change it up. Lucy loves to change her outfits on every excursion, and Natsu often matches Lucy’s outfits. Erza Scarlet, however, is the queen of outfit changes. She has the perfect outfit for every occasion and each of her weapon methods comes with its own outfit.

9Lelouch’s wealth is shown through his clothing (Code Geass).

Lelouch Removes His Helmet In Code Geass

As a member of royalty, it only makes sense for someone like Lelouch to have several fabulous outfits. While he may be seen in his uniform at times, it is obvious that he prefers to wear a single outfit. He’s not the only one in the serious with great taste either. In the first episode, several characters used clothing as costumes to show their personalities. If there’s one thing this anime is good at it is showing the opulence of royalty, especially through their clothing.

8My Hero Academia: The Hero Students Express Theirself Through Their Clothing

My Hero Academia Season 1 Poster

U.A. students Although they have to wear uniforms most of the time, students at U.A. love to wear unique and sometimes funny outfits outside of school. Midoriya isn’t the most fashion-conscious person, especially when he wears shirts that say “Midoriya.” “T-shirt”They are not visible from the front but do a great job of displaying his personality.

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Other class members also wore amazing outfits that showed off their individuality. Yaoyorozu might have to wear a sloppy hero costume during class, but she is more conservative in her free time. Fans might almost mistake U.A. because of all the unique fashion choices that were shown throughout the series. This is U.A. as a fashion school, not a hero school.

7The Story Affected The Clothing (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 1 & 2).

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was an action-adventure series that saw a surprising amount of characters changing their outfits. At least, the first two parts of this series. Contrary to other anime, the protagonist did not have a defined outfit. Their outfits were determined by what was happening in the story, and what they were doing. The anime ended with part 2. It was a shame, considering that the frequent outfit changes made a lot more sense storywise.

6The Cast wore something new every episode (Anohana).

Anohana Friends In A Line Upset

Anohana was a short anime, but it certainly wasn’t short on outfit changes. Most characters wore a new outfit every episode, including Anjou, who wore 11 outfits over the course of the twelve-episode series. This anime was a slice-of-life anime with magical elements. It did a great job portraying the characters as normal people going about their day. While it may not seem that important, the outfit changes help the characters feel real. This is probably why the show is so beloved by fans.

5Sakura is the Most Beautifully Dressed Magical Girl (Cardcaptor Sakura).

While most magical girls only change outfits when they go through a power increase  Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sakura has many different outfits for almost any occasion. She practically has a new outfit for every episode. She also gets several new costumes for the series openings.

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This series is a treasure trove for cosplayers who are looking for something frilly and cute to wear. Even those who don’t like cosplay can still enjoy all the references the CLAMP Studio makes to her costumes. It is possible to miss some references, but it is worth trying.

4Soul Reapers Wear More Than Black (Bleach).

Ichigo And His Friends In Bleach

The characters in Bleach are often relegated to wearing school uniforms or the Soul Reaper Shihakusho, but that doesn’t mean the creator, Tite Kubo, doesn’t like to put his characters in trendy outfits whenever he gets the chance. Many characters have worn many different looks, from Orihime’s casual dress to Renji’s hippie outfit. Even Kon has worn many different outfits, despite the fact he desperately wants to stop dressing up.

3Amu Is Trying to Find Herself Through Her Clothes. Shugo Chara

It’s quite amazing how often Shugo Chara characters change their looks. However, the series is about Amu trying out different ways to express herself. Her Chara transformations range from pink and bubbly to dark and devilish but she also has a unique style of her own that is somewhat gothic. She is often seen in her school uniform but this series brings some variety to her outfits.

2It’s a showcase of style on and off the runway (Smile down the Runway).

Smile Down The Runway

This series, which is all about fashion, is bound to feature tons of incredible clothes. The runway shows off the characters’ unique styles. Even Chiyuki who is at a disadvantage in height, still looks amazing in her many outfits. This series is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion, and how the fashion industry works.

1A Slice Of Life That’s More Than School (Hyouka).

It’s unlikely that an anime about a school club will feature many outfit changes, but then again this series is about much more than a club. This slice of life shows classic club members in their everyday lives. Like Anohana, the characters are often shown in their leisurewear after school. The outfits aren’t extravagant or flashy, but they do help tell the story. Not to mention,  the characters are much more relatable wearing several different outfits instead of just their school uniform.

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