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Happy Equinox, my friends! We’re in a completely new season. Is this the new season? New Seasons? I don’t think so. But that reminds me to buy more coffee. Now let’s talk about my shopping list. We’ve got:

  • Freedom of Information requests flood our election offices
  • Tonight’s Rock-Quox party
  • Ted Talk: Portland chef –

Let’s celebrate fall in style!

But first, let’s talk about today’s weather.

It will be cloudy with a high of 75. If we’re lucky, there’s a chance of rain.

Here are the top stories happening in Portland right now:

  1. We’ve heard about potential rent increases here in Portland, but some tenants who live in affordable housing are now seeing them.Some of these increases are higher than the predicted 14.6%. Residents are reporting that their landlords raise their rents well beyond the maximum amount, adding up to hundreds. (KOIN.com)
  2. Multnomah County Elections Director, Tim Scott is busy enough preparing to vote in the 2022 General Election in November, but he’s been dealing with more work lately. He is receiving a lot of public records requests. Scott claims that the number of records requests has increased dramatically since 2020, and are now more common than ever. Many of these requests he says are motivated by people who’ve believed misinformation about election integrity. (Fox 12 Oregon)
  3. At last! The Oregon Health Authority announced Tuesday that all funds were now available for Measure 110All Oregon counties are being given the opportunity to receive these services. people battling addiction. The measure was approved almost two years ago. decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugsLike heroin, cocaine, opioid pills. In Oregon, there will be more than 300 million dollars spread across the 36 counties. (KGW)
  4. Officials want you to take care if your idea of fun involves playing on the Columbia or Willamette Rivers.These rivers are dangerously low in water. Sean Whalen Harbor Master “boaters should be aware and on the lookout for the same things as always this time of year and that is sandbars and ‘dead-heads’ that used to be a few feet under the surface will be at the surface or just under the surface and not visible.” (KATU)
  5. City officials are looking for creative solutions to the persistent homeless camps at Laurelhurst Park. Transferring ownership or control of the two-block stretch of Southeast Oak Street between 37th Avenue and César E. Chávez Boulevard to Portland Parks & Recreation and turning it into a skatepark, pickleball court or off-leash dog park, are among the ideas being considered. (Willamette Week)

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  • Portland AudubonWe need your help to ensure that Ross Island Sand and Gravel Company does not destroy the Ross Island Lagoon’s habitat through decades of mining. The company is already ten year behind schedule with its obligations to restore Lagoon. (Portland Audubon via Instagram)
  • Portland Parks & Recreation “Looking for a great way to help restore our parks and natural areas? Show your support for our native ecosystem by volunteering at our 19th annual No Ivy Day event on October 29, 2022.” (Portland Parks & Recreation via Facebook)
  • You probably love movies if you know about theRoseway Theater. It was Portland’s iconic landmark for nearly a century. It was destroyed by fire on the 6th of August. The loss was mourned by regular patrons and long-lost émigrés. This piece traces the history of the beloved neighborhood landmark. (Willamette Week)
  • Chef Carlo Lamanga is the chef and owner behind Portland’s acclaimed Filipino restaurant Magna. A problem he has dealt with for years is customers approaching him, or commenting online, and arguing that his food isn’t authentic. It’s something Lamagna has discussed in interviewsOn Instagram, and, most recently in a TEDx Wrigleyville talk, held at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, where he challenges the common definition of authenticity when it comes to food. (Eater PDX)
  • Musio Chavez has a mullet and a dream – a dream to be recognized as having the best mullet in the entire county. If this intro doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what will. (The Oregonian)
  • Hollywood neighborhood, we have a new brewery for you! Pono Brewing began as a collaboration and homebrewing project before becoming an officially licensed brand. It launched in October 2016 with a beer that would become their signature beer. This South Pacific-inspired brewery now has its first brick and mortar location. (New School Beer)

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We’re bursting into Autumn, Portland! As we move into a new season, I hope you will keep me as your guide. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow to learn more about our beautiful city.

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About me: I am a doctor, educator, and now a writer/artist. I live in Portland, OR, with my wife, our ferrets and our chickens.

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